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W52001 was replaced by W52009

W52002 was replaced by W52009

W52003 was replaced by W52009

W52004 was replaced by W52009

W52005 was replaced by W52009

W52006 was replaced by W52009

W52007 was replaced by W52009

W52008 was replaced by W52009

W52009 for Linux for x64
SAS Enterprise Miner 14.1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
57007 The HP Cluster node gives "text expression length ... exceeds maximum length ..." errors when data is on Hadoop W52001
56536 ALERT - The HPSVM node scores and score code is incorrect when the Active Set optimization method is used and the target variable order is changed W52001
57104 Enabling dynamic logging in SAS® Enterprise Miner without requiring a middle-tier restart W52001
57219 The number-of-observations-per-target-level value is blank for validation data in the Interactive Decision Tree window W52002
57139 Using PMML score code might generate cascading.pipe.OperatorException and errors W52003
57293 SAS® Factory Miner returns "ERROR: value too long for type character varying(1000) ..." when displaying tree graph W52003
57294 During execution, the increment setting on the Principal Component template is not passed to the SAS® Factory Miner server W52003
57328 When using log, log10, or square root transformations, the Transform Score code might give "Syntax error, expecting one of the following ..." W52003
57329 Using trimmed data in SAS® Factory Miner causes missing values in the score code W52003
57584 Running the Random Forest template in SAS® Factory Miner returns a "Could not open the code file ..." error W52003
58088 Score.xml and Score_62.xml files contain none of the output variables from the Score Code Export node, "No outputs detected ..." is displayed W52004
59355 The Score Code Export node completes, but the output score XML files might be incorrect when an HP Data Partition node is included W52005
59398 ALERT - The StatExplore node standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis values might be incorrect W52005
59447 A pruned Decision Tree might produce incorrect Variable Importance values in the Output panel of the Results window W52005
59687 The HP Principal Components node gives incorrect scores and score code when the Eigenvalue Source property is set to Covariance W52005
60011 The HP Regression node models an ordinal target as a nominal target W52006
60050 HP Transform node Pseudo-Quantile score code might generate missing values W52006
60054 Model Comparison node does not assess results from an HP SVM node in MPP mode, a "does not exist ..." error might be displayed in the log W52006
60326 SAS® Enterprise Miner fails to launch (via Java Web Start) and an "Unable to launch the application" Application Error dialog box is displayed W52007
61500 Interactive Grouping node 'No matching IF-THEN clause' error when using Import Grouping data and Special Codes W52008
61276 Score node optimized score-code might be incorrect for flows that contain an Interactive Binning node W52008
61495 HP SVM node scored-results do not include an ID (KEY) variable W52008
61502 Output rules from the Sequence Node in SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm) are limited to 200 characters W52008
61523 Model-fit statistics seem to be incorrect when an HP Data Partition node is used W52008
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have SAS Text Miner 14.1 installed, you must also install hot fix W69004 for SAS Text Miner 14.1.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Factory Miner 14.1 installed, you must also install hot fix W95001 for SAS Factory Miner 14.1.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Data Mining Scoring 9.4M3 installed on your system, you must also apply hot fix Z98001 to fully implement the fix for the issue described in 57139.
Released: May 10, 2018     Documentation: W52009la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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