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SAS Business Rules Manager 3.1

Hot Fix Downloads for Linux for x64

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V98001 was replaced by V98006

V98002 was replaced by V98006

V98003 was replaced by V98006

V98004 was replaced by V98006

V98005 was replaced by V98006

V98006 for Linux for x64
SAS Business Rules Manager 3.1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
56338 Rule sets and rule flows are not exported correctly when the number in a flow exceeds nine V98001
56714 SAS® Business Rules Manager PRIMARY_ENTITY_KEY and TRANSACTION_DTTM columns are not populated after successful compilation and execution of rules V98001
56581 Polish interface is available for SAS® Model Manager 14.1 V98001
56706 Selecting "View Table" for a registered table in SAS® Decision Manager generates an error V98001
56871 When you publish a decision in SAS® Decision Manager, an incorrect module URL is displayed and the error: "No module with the module ID ..." occurs V98001
56898 Publishing a decision logic object fails with a "function DEQUOTE referenced by the %SYSFUNC or %QSYSFUNC macro function has too few arguments" error V98001
56963 ALERT - Creating a model profile report in SAS® Model Manager fails if web authentication is used V98001
57047 Renaming a SAS® Visual Analytics report might fail with "403 (Forbidden) during MOVE" V98001
57148 SAS® Model Manager cannot open a report when an external reverse-proxy is configured V98001
57248 An "Invalid value for the SCHEMA option ..." error occurs when you try to remove published models from Oracle, Greenplum, or DB2 V98001
60068 Opening a model in SAS® Model Manager fails to complete, and an "Error# 1502 ..." message is displayed in the detail section V98001
60300 Executing a scoring task in SAS® Model Manager gives a "statement is not valid ..." error for some HP forest models produced by SAS® Enterprise Miner™ V98001
60427 Publishing a model project to a database fails with "The champion model ... could not be published ..." even though the project is published V98001
58404 Adding a column gives an "application cannot determine the rule flow DS2 package name" error V98002
58571 Duplicate by-terms are displayed after importing rules in SAS® Business Rules Manager V98002
58597 SAS® Business Rules Manager performance is slow on small data sets that have a large number of rule definitions V98002
58028 Comments disappear after you put a rule flow into a workflow V98002
58073 The SAS® Decision Manager user interface might fail to respond when only SAS® Business Rules Manager is installed V98002
58122 Loading and saving rule flows takes longer than expected in SAS® Business Rules Manager V98002
58123 Selecting a Rule Sets view gives a "Cannot access a property or method ..." error V98002
58223 Publishing a model project to SAP HANA SPS 09 gives "CLI error trying to establish connection ... No connection could be made ... LIBNAME ... " errors V98002
58463 Opening projects or portfolios in SAS® Model Manager takes longer than expected V98002
58071 Datetime strings in a SAS® Business Rules Manager rule might resolve to an incorrect value V98002
58133 Rule sets are missing from the content of the deployed rule flow in SAS® Business Rules Manager V98002
58134 Rule flow server selection error in SAS® Business Rules Manager V98002
58578 SAS® Business Rules Manager transform in SAS® Enterprise Guide® does not return the most recent rule V98002
59592 An empty error window is displayed when you click Workflows or My Tasks in SAS® Decision Manager V98003
59461 You cannot save a business rules definition in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio V98003
59583 SAS® Business Rules Manager gives a "No data was loaded for the selected table ..." error when viewing the results of a rule test V98003
59628 A "Cannot Find user with ID ..." error is displayed when accessing history for a deleted user ID in SAS® Business Rules Manager V98003
59693 A "No data was loaded for the selected table ... file is no longer available" error is displayed in the SAS® Business Rules Manager user interface V98003
60392 Creating rules gives an "Invalid argument to function ..." error when code includes certain DS2 functions V98004
60983 SAS® Business Rules Manager stops or slows response when moving rule sets with a very large number of rules V98005
60985 Loading rule sets in SAS® Business Rules Manager takes excessive time V98005
60988 Expanding the Table category in SAS® Decision Manager takes a long time when registered tables contain a large number of columns V98005
61017 When editing rules in SAS® Business Rules Manager, performance is slow V98005
62304 Clicking Table View fails with a "... Logical server not found ..." error V98006
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have Data Integration Studio 4.901 installed, you must also install hot fix W51007.
Released: May 08, 2018     Documentation: V98006la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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