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SAS Threaded Kernel Grid 9.4_M3

Hot Fix Downloads for Linux for x64

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V72001 was replaced by V72017

V72002 was replaced by V72017

V72003 was replaced by V72017

V72004 was replaced by V72017

V72005 was replaced by V72012

V72006 was replaced by V72017

V72007 was replaced by V72017

V72008 was replaced by V72017

V72009 was replaced by V72017

V72010 was replaced by V72017

V72011 was replaced by V72017

V72012 for Linux for x64
SAS Threaded Kernel Grid 9.4_M3
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
58721 SASGSUB sign-on fails with "ERROR: Access denied" when you enter a password that contains more than eight characters V72005
61124 When you use the SASGSUB command-line utility to submit a job to the grid, the return code has a value of zero (0) instead of the correct error value V72012
Released: October 16, 2017     Documentation: V72012la.html       Download:  
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V72013 was replaced by V72017

V72014 was replaced by V72017

V72015 was replaced by V72017

V72016 was replaced by V72017

V72017 for Linux for x64
SAS Threaded Kernel Grid 9.4_M3
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
56498 Grid jobs might be launched with expired or nearly expired Kerberos tickets V72001
59334 Kerberos credentials expire when running SAS® Object Spawner with a MapR cluster V72001
59335 SAS® clients cannot connect to a Windows grid cluster V72001
57577 You encounter delays when you start grid-launched workspace servers or when you sign on to the grid V72002
57943 A grid-launched workspace server does not create a Kerberos ticket that can be forwarded V72003
58305 The SAS Object Spawner stops spawning jobs when you use an expired password in a Kerberized grid V72004
58800 Intermittent connection failures occur when you use end-to-end Integrated Windows Authentication with SAS® Grid Manager V72006
60250 SAS® grid-launched workspace servers become unresponsive and fail to connect to a Hadoop cluster V72007
60257 After killing a gridrun process, you are unable to launch a SAS® Object Spawner session V72007
59097 SAS® Object Spawner memory use increases over time V72008
59538 The SAS® Object Spawner incorrectly keeps ports to mbatchd processes in a CLOSE-WAIT state indefinitely V72009
59792 A Hadoop grid job stops responding and no error messages occur V72009
60254 A SAS® Object Spawner crashes intermittently in a grid environment when using grid-launched workspace servers with Kerberos authentication V72009
60263 User sign-on to a grid environment fails when virtual host names do not match physical host names for grid machines V72009
60193 Submitting Japanese named SAS® programs to the grid via the SASGSUB command fails with "Error: Exited with exit code 105" V72010
60734 SAS® Object Spawners crash intermittently in a grid environment when using grid-launched workspace servers with Kerberos authentication V72011
61718 An incorrect time is reported for the "Time job started" and "Time job completed" variables in the SAS® Grid Manager file V72013
62027 A memory leak might exist in SAS® Grid Manager for Hadoop V72014
63590 Kerberos tickets are deleted before they are passed to the Apache Hadoop cluster V72015
65786 A Hadoop connection error occurs in SAS® Grid Manager, but the standby-name node server is not used V72016
63474 IBM Spectrum LSF 9.1.1, 9.1.2, 9.1.3,, and contain a security vulnerability V72017
NOTE: You must also install IBM Load Sharing Facility (LSF) patches as described in SAS Note 54800 to fully implement the fix for issue described in SAS Note 57577.

If you install this hot fix, you must also install hot fix V21022 for Base SAS 9.4_M3.
If you install this hot fix and need the fix documented in SAS Note 59950, you must also install hot fix H9T001.
Released: September 14, 2020     Documentation: V72017la.html       Download:  
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