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V46001 was replaced by V46009

V46002 was replaced by V46009

V46003 was replaced by V46009

V46004 was replaced by V46009

V46005 was replaced by V46009

V46006 was replaced by V46009

V46007 was replaced by V46009

V46008 was replaced by V46009

V46009 for Linux for x64
SAS Decision Services 6.4
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
55775 DS2 History processing causes uncontrolled growth in memory usage in SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager V46001
55831 SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager incorrectly assumes that dates returned from queries to Oracle are in the GMT time zone V46001
56902 Validation testing fails for a decision campaign with multiple subdiagrams that include the TABLEUTILS function V46001
56778 DS2 activity code is not updated in the SAS® Federation Server V46002
58185 Using the INTNX function in a decision campaign might produce unexpected results in SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager V46003
58317 Errors occur when SAS® Decision Services Engine and SAS® Decision Services Monitor are configured for the HTTPS protocol V46004
58387 A decision campaign might return an incorrect result if a Score node's input variable value is missing in a previous execution V46004
60195 Incorrect date values might be inserted in an Oracle table from a data process when multiple requests are made in quick succession to a decision flow V46006
60194 The error 'No adapter for endpoint' occurs when you submit an asynchronous SOAP request V46006
60348 An error incorrectly occurs when you use the MISSING() function as the only element of the whereClause argument in the TABLESELECT() function V46007
62764 Some data-item values fail to match correctly when you include a LIKE operator in a Filter node or in calculated variable criteria V46007
62950 The activation of decision flows fails if the activation takes more than one minute V46007
62651 The message "Duplicate function signature found for STRING TOSTRING(DATE_A , [ ])" is generated after you apply Hot Fix V46003 V46007
63754 Datetime values that are written by Teradata and Oracle data processes are in different time zones V46008
64031 ALERT - Incorrect datetime values might be inserted into the Teradata database when you use a data process in SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager V46008
64033 Incorrect datetime values might be read from the Teradata database when you use a data process in SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager V46008
64817 Indicator chart metrics are not available in the SAS® Decision Services HQ plug-in for SAS® Environment Manager V46009
63874 Replacing an active decision-campaign flow in SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager might cause downtime and generate an error V46009
64913 The fractional part of a numeric value is not returned from a SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager data process (from an Oracle view) V46009
Released: February 12, 2020     Documentation: V46009la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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