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V10001 was replaced by V10031

V10002 was replaced by V10031

V10003 was replaced by V10031

V10004 was replaced by V10031

V10005 was replaced by V10031

V10006 was replaced by V10031

V10007 was replaced by V10031

V10008 was replaced by V10031

V10009 was replaced by V10031

V10010 was replaced by V10031

V10011 was replaced by V10031

V10012 was replaced by V10031

V10013 was replaced by V10031

V10014 was replaced by V10031

V10015 was replaced by V10031

V10016 was replaced by V10031

V10017 was replaced by V10031

V10018 was replaced by V10031

V10019 was replaced by V10031

V10020 was replaced by V10031

V10021 was replaced by V10031

V10022 was replaced by V10031

V10023 was replaced by V10031

V10024 was replaced by V10031

V10025 was replaced by V10031

V10026 was replaced by V10031

V10027 was replaced by V10031

V10028 was replaced by V10031

V10029 was replaced by V10031

V10030 was replaced by V10031

V10031 for Linux for x64
SAS Middle Tier 9.4_M3
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
56550 SAS® Studio Mid-Tier enterprise edition times out after 12 hours even if a longer time-out interval has been set V10001
56560 SAS® Content Server is vulnerable to an XML external entity exploitation (CVE-2015-1833) V10001
57137 Unable to start SAS® Strategy Management Workflow after migrating SAS Strategy Management content to the SAS® 9.4_M3 release V10001
60440 A session-hijacking vulnerability exists in SAS® web applications V10001
58675 A "deadlock detected" error occurs in SAS® Workflow Services when you attempt to transition a business object from one workflow state to another V10001
58867 TLSv1.2 is not supported by Java IOM clients V10001
59129 SAS® Workflow Studio converts Hebrew characters to the Unicode NCR representation of the Hebrew text V10001
60437 A cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in the Preferences web application for SAS® 9.3 TS1M0 and later V10001
60163 "An error exists in the User Service configuration. All preferences will be ignored in this session." occurs when you log on to SAS® Enterprise Miner™ V10001
60351 Internet HTTP requests for "tgt.keepal.ive" and "" originate from SAS® 9.4 Web Infrastructure Platform V10001
60265 Arbitrary redirection from SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager results in a phishing vulnerability V10001
62666 SAS® Content Server contains a cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability V10001
65345 A deadlock occurs in SAS® Workflow Services when you attempt to transition a business object from one workflow state to another V10001
65077 SAS® Enterprise Case Management does not report an error when you attempt to attach a file with a blocked file extension V10001
65078 SAS® Enterprise Case Management does not respond properly when disallowed file uploads are blocked V10001
56414 SAS® Web Report Studio list tables might display a user-defined format in the total row V10002
56960 SAS® Deployment Wizard might fail when you import the Shared Services database during configuration of the SAS® Web Infrastructure Platform under UNIX V10002
57047 Renaming a SAS® Visual Analytics report might fail with "403 (Forbidden) during MOVE" V10002
57149 Renaming an object in SAS® Model Manager gives a "You do not have permission to rename ..." error V10002
57131 SAS® Data Integration Studio jobs that contain an SQL subquery lose subquery metadata after you run the Analyze and Repair Tool V10003
57252 Scheduling does not work with jobs that use a one-time password security context V10003
56910 The SAS® Deployment Backup and Recovery tool takes longer than expected to complete the backup V10003
57097 The Update Host Name References tool in SAS® Deployment Manager builds an invalid JDBC URL and an error message is generated V10004
57412 SAS® Visual Analytics might not display selected email addresses V10004
57799 The WebDAV repository connection attempt fails with HTTP connection-manager errors V10004
56172 Disabling a cube in SAS® OLAP Cube Studio or SAS® Data Integration Studio might fail if you are using a load-balanced SAS® OLAP Server V10005
57714 SAS® Web Report Studio reports that include prompts from a SAS® Stored Process might return "The responses you entered are invalid" V10005
58042 When you import tables using SAS® Management Console, the physical names of the imported tables become corrupted V10005
58068 A calculated item that includes the INTNX function fails validation in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio V10005
58197 When you click the Data Server tab in SAS® Management Console, an out-of-memory condition occurs and performance is affected V10005
58377 Passwords are shown in plain text in the SAS® Decision Services logs and SAS® Federation Server logs V10006
58469 When you import a SAS® Data Integration Studio job containing a Lookup transformation, "Error: Lookup has no target column mapping information" occurs V10006
58776 A cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in the SAS® web applications V10007
52971 Results are incorrect when you use the operator EXACTLY MATCHES in the custom details of SAS® Marketing Automation V10007
58846 You receive the error "Scheduling of job-name failed..." when you schedule flows using SAS® Management Console V10008
58366 SAS® Management Console stops responding when you access Active Server Properties for metadata server details or to send a test alert message V10009
58773 Queries in SAS® Workflow Services fail for users that belong to more than 1,000 groups V10010
58774 SAS® Web Infrastructure Platform Unable to log on as a user with membership in over a 1,000 groups V10010
59188 Updating an expired internal account password fails with the message "The password for this user ID has expired. Create a new password" V10010
59403 "Error reading metadata: Insufficient memory" occurs when you rename a library in SAS® Data Integration Studio or in SAS® Management Console V10011
59495 SAS® 9.3 and SAS® 9.4 solutions might return an error message and stop working during the licensing warning period V10011
59569 Some database management system library options are omitted from explicit SQL pass-through code in SAS® Data Integration Studio V10011
59700 Flow contents are lost when more than one person edits the same flow concurrently in the SAS® Management Console Schedule Manager plug-in V10013
60073 Scheduling many operating system scheduler jobs causes the operating system to use a large quantity of resources and affects performance V10013
59608 SAS® Content Server recovery fails with the Deployment Backup and Recovery Tool and returns "COMMAND_TOOL_ERROR_SCS" V10013
57962 The SAS® Data Integration Studio SCD Type 2 Loader transformation generates errors when loading data into an external DBMS V10014
58970 You cannot disable the "Required" flag in the Custom Details Groups in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio V10014
61015 Redeploying a stored process returns the "Cannot redeploy because there is no job metadata associated to this stored process" message V10014
60595 Connections between work tables and database libraries are incorrectly removed when these objects are included in metadata import processing V10014
60275 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might perform slowly when opening an information map that has millions of rows V10015
61010 Incorrect values are stored for the common data model when it is used in a SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio campaign V10016
60545 Values for the date-and-time range are displayed incorrectly in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio V10017
62425 A cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in the SAS® BI Dashboard Adobe Flash component V10019
62324 The SAS® 9.4 Deployment Backup and Recovery tool prints SAS® encoded password values in the backupserver.log file V10019
62727 Date values in Custom Detail date fields shift by -2 days in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio V10021
62987 SAS® BI Web Services contains an XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability V10021
63048 An endless-loop condition occurs in SAS® Workflow Services when a workflow template contains a policy to copy a data object to itself V10021
63051 A date prompt for a report incorrectly displays August instead of September when you use the Russian locale V10021
55537 ALERT - A reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability has been identified in SAS® Logon Manager V10022
58589 Increasing numbers of entries in the SAS® audit tables can affect Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance V10022
62540 SAS® Information Delivery Portal contains a session-fixation vulnerability V10022
63338 Applications that use the comments service contain a security vulnerability with the use of comments V10022
63459 SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager contains a version of JQuery that has reached end-of-life status V10022
60919 SAS® Content Server backup fails when the SAS administrator password (sasadm@saspw) contains blank characters V10024
64181 SAS® Visual Analytics fails to import data when running in Google Chrome 74 V10024
63264 SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio contains a session-fixation vulnerability V10026
65746 A metadata connection leak occurs when you save a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project on SAS® Content Server V10029
67057 Multiple instances of the error "Unable to determine database vendor" are displayed in the catalina.out log during normal operation of the software V10030
58206 In SAS® Data Integration Studio and SAS® Management Console, the German translation of the message confirming object deletion is incorrect V10031
57282 MTOM attachments are truncated when Web Services Security (WS-Security) is enabled in SAS® BI Web Services for Java V10031
58336 Using SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager 6.5 with the SAS® Federation Server 4.2 causes gradual decline of throughput and increased response time V10031
58337 When you are using SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager, duplicate warning or diagnostic messages might occur in SAS® Federation Server 4.2 logs V10031
63828 A clustered middle tier can become unresponsive upon start-up V10031
59458 Errors occur when you try to load Meta Integration Model (MITI) bridges to the relationship database V10031
60719 Out-of-disk-space issues occur when temporary files are not removed from the \\WebAppServer\\SASServer_#\\temp directory V10031
61880 The SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager time-out page is vulnerable to injection of HTML code V10031
64673 The SAS® metadata server runs out of system memory and stops responding V10031
67449 A security vulnerability in IBM Platform Process Manager affects Platform Suite for SAS® V10031
58270 Metadata support for SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Amazon Redshift V10031
NOTE: If you install this hot fix , you must also install
Y20010 for SAS Deployment Backup and Recovery Tool 9.41.
to fully implement the fix for the issue described in 56910.
If you install this hot fix , you must also install
B4P009 for SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office 7.15 and B4N009 for SAS Enterprise Guide 7.15.
to fully implement the fix for the issue described in 65746.
Released: March 12, 2021     Documentation: V10031la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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