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SAS BI Dashboard 4.4_M1

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P06001 was replaced by P06005

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P06005 for Linux for x64
SAS BI Dashboard 4.4_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
52256 Links from SAS® BI Dashboard indicators to SAS® Web Report Studio reports might not work correctly P06001
52379 In SAS® BI Dashboard, the "Include (all) selection" option for dynamic prompts automatically places the ALL value as the last item in the prompt list P06001
52397 SAS® BI Dashboard initially displays unfiltered results from information map data sources P06001
52398 Gauge properties for Spark Tables might not be included in SAS® BI Dashboard export packages P06001
53280 In SAS® BI Dashboard, the Rotate and Thin graph axis policy might thin but not rotate the labels P06001
53472 For some chart types in SAS® BI Dashboard, the legend text is not resized when the charts are zoomed P06001
54035 SAS® BI Dashboard might not correctly display your preference for an indicator link P06002
54043 The dynamic prompt on a dashboard that is the target of a link might not display the appropriate values P06002
54044 SAS® BI Dashboard might group small slices in a pie chart into the Other category P06002
54045 SAS® BI Dashboard might display "RangeError: Error #1125" on a dashboard that contains a chart with a slider prompt indicator P06002
54067 SAS® BI Dashboard might open the prompt page for a web report even when the target of the link is a section that does not contain prompts P06002
54068 In SAS® BI Dashboard, dynamic prompts might not correctly display the value that is being used to filter the current dashboard P06002
54069 SAS® BI Dashboard might not pass values to stored process prompts that are used in a web report P06002
54593 SAS® BI Dashboard might display RangeError #1125 when a dynamic prompt has interactions with more than one pie chart P06003
54594 Pie charts in SAS® BI Dashboard 4.4 display the response label in the upper left corner of the pie chart indicator frame P06003
54598 SAS® BI Dashboard indicators might lose their graph style when more than one GTML chart is displayed on the dashboard P06003
54900 The SAS® Content Viewer Web Part might display ERROR_GET_SESSION when it renders a dashboard P06003
56800 In SAS® BI Dashboard, some indicators might not use the format that you specify for the X-axis P06004
56813 Dashboards viewed from Microsoft SharePoint might not pass authentication information to linked web reports P06004
62425 A cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in the SAS® BI Dashboard Adobe Flash component P06005
Released: September 13, 2018     Documentation: P06005la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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