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SAS Size Optimization 3.2_M2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
49672 MIMain_PRF_Long STP jobs run longer than expected K37001
49537 Minimum SKU-Store quantity might be violated and a "Pack Optimization has violated a constraint ..." warning is displayed K37001
49645 ALERT - Attribute keys for model members might be lost K37001
49670 Regular price displayed in Promoted Item Details for promotion that contains regional promotions might be incorrect K37001
49745 Slow performance when loading promotions in the Promotion List view due to inefficiently loading costs and prices for all promotions in the view K37001
50057 Loading Promotion Details is slow when the number of regional promotions is large K37002
50105 ALERT - The product selection window does not show vendor information K37002
50164 SAS® Promotion Optimization displays "An error occurred in SAS Merchandise Intelligence ... Restart or Exit the application" K37002
50088 ALERT - The geo_sync process corrupts profile-related tables in the SAS® data mart K37002
49825 ALERT - The Load_STG2DM_Prf_sales_fact job generates "ERROR: A lock is not available for DI_DM.DATE_DM.DATA ..." K37003
50459 The purchase-order plan-list view is slow when there are many plans K37003
50462 SAS® Pack Optimization is slow when there are many purchase-order plans K37003
50017 ALERT - Optimizing a Purchase Order Plan gives an "ERROR: The System ran out of memory" message K37003
50460 SAS® Pack Optimization requests that have many deliveries, products, and packs, might run slowly K37003
49998 An incorrect Planned Quantity might be displayed in SAS® Pack Optimization K37003
50458 ALERT - Size sets are lost when planned quantities are imported above the store level K37003
50519 The Size Set Sizes table displays 'Not Applicable' Sales Units (%) and '0.00' Average Unit Retail ($) K37003
49682 SAS® Pack Optimization might erroneously return packs with unrequested SKUs K37004
50859 "ERROR: Product XXX has no sizes shared with all other products with which it is grouped. Pack recommendation cannot create..." might be encountered K37004
51075 The Purchase Order Plan list view is slow K37004
51076 The GetPurchaseOrderExport method returns invalid XML if data contains double quotation marks (") K37004
51155 ALERT - Optimization might fail and generate the error "The ORDER_MIN for XXXXXXXXXXX makes it impossible to meet the pack type constraints..." K37005
51681 Delivery type can be set for only one delivery at a time K37006
51238 ALERT - Importing two plans with the same Model Member ID might fail when they are imported simultaneously in SAS® Pack Optimization K37007
51702 Optimization might fail and generate the error "There are no packs specified and none can be found for the products in the request. Cannot proceed." K37007
51131 ALERT - "WARNING: Pack Optimization has violated a constraint. Output includes 0 of sku XXX at store YYY when the SKU-Store ORDER_MIN.." might be encountered K37008
52259 Large pack optimization requests might fail with out of memory errors in SAS® Pack Optimization K37008
52421 Running the %szpk_request_controller macro might generate a segmentation violation K37008
52567 Optimization might be slow when a pack request contains only one distribution center K37008
49013 Promoted price might be populated in the Promoted Item Details section of the Promotion Details view K37008
49665 Opt/Eval status for a regional promotion might incorrectly change to "Out of date" when refreshed from the Regional Promotion Details view K37008
49785 On-demand status for master and regional promotion might be incorrect when the On-demand action is executed from regional promotion K37008
50258 SAS® Promotion Optimization custom metrics are cleared after running Evaluate/Optimize online K37008
50306 Long Term Vendor Funding (LTVF) values might not be displayed correctly K37008
50378 The parent node is automatically chosen when you select a single child-node for location scope K37008
48261 ALERT - The children of a vehicle group not selected to be added to a calendar might incorrectly be added to the calendar K37008
48759 Custom attributes might not be displayed in a customized view that includes custom attributes in the Vehicle Group Details view K37008
49662 SAS® Promotion Optimization promotion that contains products from multiple partitions cannot be evaluated or optimized K37008
49778 Copying a calendar with dates that include a Daylight Savings Time beginning or end might result in an unexpected calendar duration K37008
49960 Inactive products might not be displayed in the SAS® Promotion Optimization details view K37008
50183 Selecting products gives an "error occurred in SAS Merchandise Intelligence ..." error, ObjectNotFoundException K37008
50210 The %TKMI_JOB_RO etl_end_service macro generates an "ORA-00001: unique constraint (DI_DM.RPP_PLAN_PROD_METRICS_PK) violated" error K37008
50726 MULTIPLE_VENDORS might be incorrectly displayed instead of the vendor name after updating a vendor deal support that has multiple vendors K37008
50739 ALERT - "Aggregation failed: The scope of this plan does not intersect with the configured reporting levels" might be incorrectly generated K37008
49466 Simple price type might incorrectly change to "$: price value is suggested by the system" after evaluation completes with an error K37008
49901 Promotions that fail during batch optimization might incorrectly have an Opt/Eval status of Success in SAS® Promotion Optimization K37008
50710 The RPP_PLAN.EVAL_OPT_REQ_CD value is not updated from 1 to 0 after batch optimization plans are submitted for optimization again K37008
50759 ALERT - No results are returned for any of the promotions in a batch optimization run if one of the promotions fails during the run K37008
50760 ALERT - KPIs might not be generated for all levels in a category or calendar plan when running aggregation in batch mode K37008
50769 Actual KPIs might not be generated for a promotion when the promotion has not been previously evaluated before it enters Executing or Executed status K37008
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