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SAS Visual Analytics 7.51
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
65688 Data items are sorted in an unexpected order in Microsoft Excel when exporting crosstab data from SAS® Report Viewer I9T001
66327 The SAS® Visual Analytics waterfall object sort order is incorrect if it contains lattice rows I9T001
66419 SAS® Visual Data Builder does not prompt for host credentials when necessary I9T001
66471 SAS® Visual Analytics report distributions are not received and the history indicates that they completed with a nonzero exit code I9T001
66808 SAS® Visual Analytics geo map backgrounds might fail to render when printed to a PDF file I9T001
66910 A copied SAS® Visual Analytics report link returns a 404 error when custom context root names are in use I9T001
66924 The SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer might stop responding when loading a report I9T001
64805 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports fail to open in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer 7.5 and SAS® Report Viewer 8.3 I9T001
66746 A collection that includes metadata folders unexpectedly displays “No data” in SAS® Home I9T001
66524 SAS® Visual Data Builder uses the wrong SAS® Application Server for previewing and scheduling I9T001
66979 The message "QueryColumn is rootName is missing or incorrect" occurs when you try to edit the LASR star schema prefix in SAS® Visual Data Builder 7.5 I9T001
61053 SAS® Web Application Server might stop working when adding many categories to a crosstab or list table in SAS® Visual Analytics I9T002
61261 External links that include a number sign (#) might not work in the modern version of SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer I9T002
65579 Repair Report dialog box in SAS® Visual Analytics appears to mix up replacement columns when the dialog box scrolls in order to display many columns I9T002
65893 Custom sorts are sorted incorrectly when they are used in a hierarchy in SAS® Visual Analytics Designer I9T002
66456 SAS® Visual Analytics reports might return "REPORT CORRUPTED ... Could not resolve entity ..." when you duplicate controls I9T002
66655 Loading data sources in SAS® Visual Analytics fails with "The request could not be completed successfully due to a server error" I9T002
66813 A SAS® Visual Analytics report can become corrupted if you duplicate prompts within a prompt container I9T002
66859 "Cannot find the requested data source" might occur when you migrate explorations from SAS® Visual Analytics 7.1 to SAS® Visual Analytics 7.5 I9T002
66886 The Import Data dialog box in SAS® Visual Analytics displays the error "The application was unable to retrieve the list of licensed importers" I9T002
66927 Distributing a SAS® Visual Analytics report fails with "Could not perform operation e" I9T002
67000 The HTML Commons component in SAS® 9.4 Web Infrastructure Platform is affected by the JQuery vulnerability that is described in CVE-2020-11022 I9T002
67001 The "Data labels" option in geo map objects might be automatically enabled when you edit reports in SAS® Visual Analytics 7.5 I9T002
67216 Advanced filters in SAS® Visual Analytics do not display more than 1,000 categorical values I9T002
67307 List controls within prompt containers appear to overlap when viewed in Edit mode in SAS® Visual Analytics I9T002
67330 The SAS® Visual Analytics Transport Service contains a broken access control vulnerability I9T002
67334 Hierarchies do not collapse correctly in crosstabs in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer mode I9T002
67509 The Print button in the Print to PDF dialog box in SAS® Visual Analytics is not enabled even though objects are selected I9T002
67525 Printing from SAS® Visual Analytics might fail with "TransportWarning::UNSUPPORTED_REQUEST The attempted request is not supported on the server" I9T002
67592 Exporting data from SAS® Visual Analytics to Microsoft Excel might fail for certain locales I9T002
67331 The SAS® Visual Analytics Hub discloses a database error I9T002
66762 Button bar control objects might unexpectedly increase in size when you switch through pages in SAS® Visual Analytics Report Viewer I9T002
66878 Text input controls in prompt containers might become small and unusable in the SAS® Visual Analytics Report Viewer I9T002
67390 SAS® Visual Data Builder queries that use joined tables fail with "Column xxxx could not be found in the table/view" I9T002
67504 Exporting CSV files from SAS® Visual Data Builder might generate a file without quotation marks I9T002
67540 SAS® Visual Data Builder allows unauthorized users to execute arbitrary SAS® code I9T002
65978 Google Chrome 83+ does not allow download from web content and data-driven content objects in SAS® Visual Analytics reports I9T003
66600 Sankey diagrams have display issues after you upgrade to SAS® Visual Analytics 7.5 and later I9T003
67595 SAS® Visual Analytics 7.51 audit records for CREATE and SAVE actions incorrectly capture the folder name instead of report name I9T003
67799 Opening a SAS® Visual Analytics report link using a middle mouse button click causes an error, "Cannot read property...", to appear in the browser tab I9T003
67798 You are unable to add a path filter to a path analysis in SAS® Visual Analytics I9T003
67978 The "Loaded" column in SAS® Environment Manager Administration might return an incorrect loaded time I9T003
64489 SAS® Visual Analytics displays "An error occurred" when aggregated measures that use Boolean operators are added to an object I9T003
67843 Promoted SAS® Visual Data Builder queries that include dependent queries fail to open I9T003
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Linux for x64 Released: June 08, 2021     Documentation: I9T003la.html D       Download:  
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