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I9E001 was replaced by I9E021

I9E002 was replaced by I9E021

I9E003 was replaced by I9E021

I9E004 was replaced by I9E021

I9E005 was replaced by I9E021

I9E006 was replaced by I9E021

I9E007 was replaced by I9E021

I9E008 was replaced by I9E021

I9E009 was replaced by I9E021

I9E010 was replaced by I9E021

I9E011 was replaced by I9E021

I9E012 was replaced by I9E021

I9E013 was replaced by I9E021

I9E014 was replaced by I9E021

I9E015 was replaced by I9E021

I9E017 was replaced by I9E021

I9E018 was replaced by I9E021

I9E019 was replaced by I9E021

I9E020 was replaced by I9E021

SAS Management Console 9.4_M7
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
66922 SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager contains third-party libraries that have known vulnerabilities I9E001
67031 Middle-tier configuration fails with errors during the "Load Content/Upload Content, Web Infrastructure Platform Configuration" step I9E002
66540 SAS® Management Console and SAS® Data Integration Studio might return the message "table failed to update" when you use the Update Metadata tool I9E003
67069 The Number of Records field in the Basic Properties pane of SAS® Data Integration Studio might contain an incorrect value I9E003
67188 A "Compare Tables: java.lang.NullPointerException" error occurs when deploying a job that contains a Compare transformation using a hash lookup method I9E003
67555 SAS® Job Flow Scheduler is non-responsive and a null pointer exception occurs after scheduling a single flow I9E004
67800 The high availability feature is added to SAS® Job Flow Scheduler I9E004
68479 The GemfireBasedTicketCache cache locator can fail with the error "ClassCastException" in a clustered SAS® 9.4 middle-tier environment I9E007
68546 "...Multiple lengths were specified for the variable recreate by input data set(s). This may cause truncation..." occurs after you submit a job I9E007
69508 CASLIB options that begin with numbers in SAS® Data Integration Studio 4.905 do not work I9E012
70012 Time-out errors occur even when the web application session is active I9E014
70031 SAS® client connections to the Object Spawner and SAS® Metadata Server might not close properly I9E014
70265 The SAS® Stored Process Web Application contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability I9E018
70674 SAS® Stored Processes with certain UTF-8 characters might fail with an error after applying hot fixes for SAS® Middle Tier and SAS® Management Console I9E020
NOTE: The installation instructions for this hot fix contain a PRE-INSTALLATION section that must be reviewed before proceeding with the installation of this hot fix. This section includes a list of other hot fixes that must be applied. Please contact SAS Technical Support if you have questions.
Windows for x64 Released: March 21, 2024     Documentation: I9E021x6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: March 21, 2024     Documentation: I9E021s6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: March 21, 2024     Documentation: I9E021r6.html D       Download:  
HP-UX IPF Released: March 21, 2024     Documentation: I9E021hx.html D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: March 21, 2024     Documentation: I9E021la.html D       Download:  
Solaris for x64 Released: March 21, 2024     Documentation: I9E021sx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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