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G8H001 was replaced by G8H002

JMP Clinical 7.1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
64869 JMP® Clinical 7.0: Mortality Time To Event Deaths that occur on study day one G8H001
64954 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Findings Time Trends: error for Lab Test Results equal zero G8H001
64955 Error when converting dates to character dates in JMP® Clinical 7.1 G8H001
64956 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Exposure Summary: Inconsistency in calculation of total duration of exposure G8H001
64957 JMP® Clinical 7.1 API JSL results in an error when try to remove section G8H001
64958 JMP® Clinical 7.1 API results in a JSL error when close review builder is used G8H001
65318 ByNarrativeCategoryDetails template incorrectly states con meds=none G8H001
65319 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Risk Based Monitoring report is missing cell coloring, and the Risk Indicator Selector G8H001
65320 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Adverse Event Report can incorrectly label columns with the wrong treatment group G8H001
65327 In JMP® Clinical 7.1 Incidence Screen Reports, incorrect confidence intervals for odds ratios are displayed in the data table G8H001
65365 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Adverse Events Incidence screen can report a zero of infinite relative risk G8H001
65366 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Adverse Event Report can show percentages greater than 100 G8H001
65440 In JMP® Clinical 7.1 AE Narratives, Prior Therapy is Incorrectly Populated G8H001
65441 In JMP® Clinical 7.1, Add Study fails when a study is blinded and has SUPPDM but no ADSL data set G8H001
65478 JMP® Clinical 7.1 Adverse Event Narrative templates does not split prior and con meds based on study day G8H001
65479 JMP® Clinical 7.1 AE Narrative "ByNarrativeCategoryDetails" template not not populated diagnosis heading if MHCAT value for cancer history is missing G8H001
65481 Enhancements to JMP® Clinical 7.1 G8H001
65522 Running Patient Profiles in JMP® Clinical 7.1 produces an error when the EX data set does not contain EXTRT G8H001
65442 The default configuration for JMP® Clinical 7.1 fails on new install if files referencing a previous partial installation still exist G8H002
65907 JMP® Clinical 7.1 subjects are dropped from the narrow search in the Standardized MedDRA Queries Incidence Screen report G8H002
65959 You see a syntax error after you run an AE Narrative report in JMP® Clinical 7.1 on a Chinese operating system G8H002
65965 Metadata table files are overwritten if a mapped drive connection is lost when managing a configuration G8H002
65968 The error message "No SMQs are available based on the dialog selections" appears on the Standardized MedDRA Queries Incidence Screen G8H002
65969 Lower-level terms are not represented in the Term Type distribution in the Standardized MedDRA Queries Distribution report G8H002
65970 Incidence Screen label names are truncated on graphs and in data tables G8H002
65971 JMP® Clinical might crash when you attempt to close the Review Builder via an API call G8H002
65972 JMP® Clinical 7.1 displays a zero size on disk for studies containing .xpt files that are changed to .sas7bdat files G8H002
65973 The offset slider in the Adverse Events Time to Event report does not add time to the "Days of Exposure" calculation G8H002
65974 The Overall Percent Occurrence is not recalculated in the AE Distribution report when you make a selection in the Review Subject Filter G8H002
65975 The error "Variable xxTESTCD is not on file WORK.xx" might occur when findings are ADaM data sets and the variable xxTESTCD is not present G8H002
Windows Released: May 11, 2020     Documentation: G8H002wn.html D       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: May 11, 2020     Documentation: G8H002x6.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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