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SAS Warranty Analysis 4.31
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
43872 Job Control Table synchronize jobs do not run properly in a new SAS® Warranty Analysis 4.3 installation G77001
43873 ALERT - SAS® Warranty Analysis report output contains repeated lookup table descriptions G77001
43939 A Details Table analysis runs successfully but produces an error if the analysis contains a date variable without a corresponding table entry G77001
43942 A Trend/Control graph is drawn incorrectly and breaks are seen in the output G77001
44006 Alerts generated by an Emerging Issues Threshold analysis in SAS® Warranty Analysis might not show Display Name in list of users G77001
44065 Incorrect label might be displayed in Multivariate Statistical Drivers output G77001
44327 "ERROR: A variable appears twice in IN statement" message generated by SAS® Warranty Analysis text analysis G77001
44328 Wu-Meeker critical values might decrease with the sales period G77001
44393 Emerging Issues Ad Hoc - Analytic analysis fails when Product Build Option Code Value (PBOCODEVALUE) is '?' G77001
44394 A Multivariate Statistical Driver analysis fails with the error 'Syntax error while parsing WHERE clause.' in macro ANL_MULTIVARIATECALC G77001
44521 Clearing the cache on the Memory and File Cache View of the SAS® Warranty Analysis Diagnostic Client might take a long time G77001
44522 The child analysis from Analyze Subset in SAS® Warranty Analysis might not use the correct subset G77001
44525 Claim Rates in a Summary Tables analysis might be incorrect when more than one reporting variable is selected G77001
44527 D64002 An analysis from an Emerging Issues drillto fails with log message "ERROR: The macro UTIL_GETFILTEREDDATA will stop executing." G77001
44645 When first using SAS® Warranty Analysis to run an analysis, the analysis fails with the error "ERROR: User does not have appropriate authorization..." G77001
44798 Emerging Issues Automated takes a long time to run in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77001
45651 "BY variables not properly sorted" error messages produced by a Statistical Drivers analysis G77001
45652 Forecasting analysis produces low claim rates in results G77001
46108 Tooltip does not display group variable information for line plot G77001
46111 Rungroup number in SAS® Warranty Analysis Emerging Issues parmsl files is incorrectly incremented G77001
46490 Interaction does not work correctly for Time in Service Point of View when Exposure Type = 'Usage' G77001
43876 ALERT - Tick marks and labels are not displayed properly when there are many values on the graph axis G77001
43938 The on demand cache rebuild in SAS® Warranty Analysis might require a significant amount of time to complete and might result in slow performance G77001
43940 Results from a data selection attribute (smart filter) are not a subset of the parent attribute G77001
44005 A new analysis might not use updated options in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77001
44007 Summary Tables analysis output does not display changes to variable formats G77001
44395 'Widget is disposed' exception might occur when performing an analysis in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77001
44524 The None option is missing from the Analysis Options, Exposure Type field in the Summary Tables analysis of SAS® Warranty Analysis rich client G77001
44597 A NullPointerException might occur when opening Tools->Lookup Values G77001
45804 Exception error after clicking on Pareto analysis results in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77001
46107 Issues with multi-currency in SAS® Warranty Analysis when base currency differs from local currency G77001
46322 Commas in a lookup table description produces "the following values are invalid:" messages in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77001
44064 Viewport functionality not applied when exporting a report as a PDF file G77001
44526 ALERT - SAS® Warranty Analysis rich client performance might be slow when creating or editing data selections G77001
51365 Export to CSV starts Excel but does not open the spreadsheet G77001
45092 The label for the top bar in a Pareto analysis is not displayed correctly in SAS® Warranty Analysis when a viewport is applied G77002
46617 "Export Table to Spreadsheet" with "Open" produces a blank screen G77002
45798 Invalid lookup table information in parmsl.variables_base and parmsl.dataselectionattributes_base tables results in exception error G77003
46913 The Emerging Issues workspace can be slow after viewing emerging issues and analyses G77003
47243 The Analysis Options cache is cleared when data selections are edited G77004
47244 The initial attempt to download a PDF from the SAS® Warranty Analysis rich client might result in an error G77004
48709 The order of reporting variables is not correct in the Details Table analysis output G77005
49172 A Details analysis in SAS® Warranty Analysis might fail with the log message "No variable description attached" G77005
49187 SAS® Warranty Analysis graphics that are exported to PDF might have poor resolution G77005
49190 Problems might occur when you use SAS® Warranty Analysis under single sign-on (SSO) architecture (Solaris, WebLogic, Apache, SiteMinder) G77005
50110 The Export to CSV functionality opens Excel but does not open the spreadsheet G77006
51335 Selecting "Export Table to Spreadsheet" produces unreliable results G77008
51336 Page breaks occur in the wrong places in the PDF output of reliability analysis reports G77008
51358 An "Analyze in Project" data selection in SAS® Warranty Analysis Enterprise Analytic can have an incorrect date range for the claim date G77008
51376 Disabling ShowImmatureExposure in the analysismacvars table results in incorrect output for an Exposure analysis G77008
51382 A Details Table analysis might fail when you use a large list of imported values in the Data Selection definition G77008
51398 The "Auto update" setting cannot be disabled after it has been enabled in SAS® Warranty Analysis reports G77008
51364 An error occurs when you attempt to retrieve a one-time-use password for SASTRUST for use with Emerging Issues Automated in an SSL/SSO environment G77008
51367 The SAS® Warranty Analysis thin client does not show all active filter values that are applied G77008
51368 You cannot sort by any category other than descending date in the SAS® Warranty Analysis server G77008
51369 Sorting preferences are not retained across sessions on the Reports tab in the SAS® Warranty Analysis thin client G77008
51399 An analysis that uses ship-to-sale with a claim submit lag does not produce a report in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52222 Text analysis descriptive terms are not providing a clear direction of the primary and secondary drivers behind clusters in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52278 The default Statistical Drivers Reporting variables are not retained by the SAS® Warranty Analysis user interface G77009
52281 Reliability, Summary Tables, and Trend Exposure analyses fail when Exposure Type = "Usage" and minsamplesizerule = "beyond" in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52297 "ERROR: The following columns were not found in the contributing tables: SIMILARITY_DIST" occurs after running a Details Table analysis G77009
52303 Upper and lower control limits might be missing from a Trend/Control analysis chart that was created with SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52304 Extra records might appear in Trend By Exposure output with all columns empty except the reporting variable column in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52316 Configured footnotes might not appear in SAS® Warranty Analysis output G77009
52317 Legends might not be displayed in SAS® Warranty Analysis Trend/Control, Exposure, and Trend By Exposure analyses output G77009
52331 The Extrapolated Cumulative Claim rate decreases in an Exposure analysis using SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52332 The Trend/Control chart does not indicate special causes of variation in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52333 SAS® Warranty Analysis Text analysis does not provide an option to include or exclude a term based on the number of documents containing the term G77009
52530 A Text analysis fails with the message "TMSORT not resolved" when diagnostic options are disabled G77009
51366 The SAS® Warranty Analysis rich client fails to close the metadata server connection G77009
52734 The Created Date column in SAS® Warranty Analysis Reports Workspace does not provide the date in which a report was last modified G77009
52305 Trend/Control analysis output that is exported to PDF might not fit on a single page in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77009
52318 SAS® Warranty Analysis jobs might fail when multiple analyses are submitted simultaneously G77009
52329 The SAS® Warranty Analysis thin client does not have the functionality of exporting report data G77009
52478 A security warning occurs when you access screens in the diagnostic client if SAS® Warranty Analysis is configured under SSL G77009
52519 Your system becomes unresponsive when you retrieve job timing information using the SAS® Warranty Analysis diagnostic client G77009
53398 A query might cause performance degradation when you run an analysis in SAS® Warranty Analysis G77011
54486 The error "Function QUOTE requires a character expression as argument 1" occurs in SAS® Warranty Analysis results G77011
55378 ALERT - Legends for some SAS® Warranty Analysis charts are taller after you install Hot Fix G77008 G77012
55379 ALERT - Retrieving filtereddata from the SAS® Warranty Analysis mart is considerably slower than usual G77012
55418 ALERT - Poor performance results from SAS® Warranty Analysis accessing the sashelp.vindex view G77012
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64-bit Enabled AIX Released: April 02, 2015     Documentation: G77012r6.pdf D       Download:  
HP-UX IPF Released: April 02, 2015     Documentation: G77012hx.pdf D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: April 02, 2015     Documentation: G77012la.pdf D       Download:  
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