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G05001 was replaced by G05011

G05002 was replaced by G05011

G05003 was replaced by G05011

G05004 was replaced by G05011

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SAS Marketing Optimization 5.41
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
45469 SAS® Marketing Optimization takes a very long time or does not finish at all when adding constraints or refreshing data G05001
46962 The reported value in the constraint summary report does not display the correct value G05001
49075 The ROI value is not displayed in the scenario reports in SAS® Marketing Optimization G05001
46883 SAS® Marketing Optimization returns the error "Variable customer_id has been defined as both character and numeric" when validating project input data G05002
46884 SAS® Marketing Optimization limits the number of distinct values for the customer attribute Agent_ID to a maximum of 1000 G05002
47113 Campaigns are not locked in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio when you execute the optimization process in SAS® Marketing Optimization G05003
48159 Moving items in the criteria for a multi-select node might fail if multiple group options are used G05004
48684 Campaign code is incorrectly represented as CAMPAIN_CD in Chinese translation properties files for SAS® Marketing Automation G05004
48189 The SAS® Marketing Optimization offer summary shows [BLANK] in the view filter G05004
48197 Sensitivity output is not correct when you use certain constraints G05004
48840 The error "(mo_import_scenario) User actual name not identified" occurs when you try to import a scenario into SAS® Marketing Optimization G05004
49231 Setting the Java option can cause empty SAS® Marketing Optimization data sets G05005
49184 The error "More positional parameters found than defined" occurs in the SAS® Marketing Optimization log G05005
49557 A SAS® Marketing Automation Schedule Gantt chart might show an incorrect end date for recurring campaigns G05006
49655 UDF historic data is incorrectly updated when information is changed in between a scheduled campaign or communication G05006
52752 Running multiple campaigns (or multiple nodes with a campaign) concurrently in SAS® Marketing Automation might cause errors G05010
51764 A campaign group opens slowly in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio G05011
53946 The error "The report cannot be displayed" occurs when you create the Constraint Summary report in SAS® Marketing Optimization G05011
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have SAS Marketing Automation installed, you must also install hot fix:
E88018 for SAS Marketing Automation.
Windows Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011wn.html D       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011x6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled HP-UX Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011h6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011s6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011r6.html D       Download:  
HP-UX IPF Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011hx.html D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011la.html D       Download:  
Solaris for x64 Released: September 02, 2014     Documentation: G05011sx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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