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SAS Business Rules Manager 3.3

Hot Fix Downloads for Linux for x64

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F5B001 was replaced by F5B014

F5B002 was replaced by F5B014

F5B003 was replaced by F5B014

F5B004 was replaced by F5B014

F5B005 was replaced by F5B014

F5B006 was replaced by F5B014

F5B007 was replaced by F5B014

F5B008 was replaced by F5B014

F5B009 was replaced by F5B014

F5B010 was replaced by F5B014

F5B011 was replaced by F5B014

F5B012 was replaced by F5B014

F5B013 was replaced by F5B014

F5B014 for Linux for x64
SAS Business Rules Manager 3.3
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
64354 Running a job gives an "Incomplete transformation" error F5B001
64366 Output variables created in SAS® Decision Manager default to a standard length F5B001
64425 Processing a SAS® Decision Manager transform gives "Apparent invocation of macro BRM_HASDATAGRIDS not resolved ... character operand was found ..." F5B001
64538 New endpoints that are released do not correctly check for Read capability on GET calls F5B001
66401 Using SAS® Model Manager to publish a model to SAS® Metadata Repository fails and generates an error F5B001
65112 Rule-set diagrams are not displayed, results are not displayed for tests, and rules, descriptions, or comments are ordered incorrectly F5B002
65244 SAS® Decision Manager allows forgery of comments or attachments F5B003
65213 Importing lookups as a replacement fails with the error "Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property asId' of undefined" F5B003
65856 ALERT - The process of updating a lookup table in SAS® Business Rules Manager (running in UNIX operating environments) does not work properly F5B004
66092 SAS® Business Rules Manager 3.3 does not display an equal sign for a rule when the software is installed as an upgrade F5B005
66293 The %BRM_RULE_FLOW macro fails to run and generates the message "ERROR: some terms are missed from the mapping table. . ." F5B006
66400 A job failure occurs and an error is generated when you run SAS® Data Integration Studio job that contains a "Business Rules" node F5B007
66542 The initial loading of a rule set and a rule flow takes significantly longer in SAS® Business Rules Manager 3.3 compared with release 3.2 F5B008
66626 SAS® Business Rules Manager takes a long time to validate an expression F5B008
66821 SAS® Business Rules Manager fails to delete an imported rule flow F5B009
66822 SAS® Business Rules Manager fails to publish a rule flow to a SAS® Metadata Repository folder that contains DBCS characters F5B009
67000 The HTML Commons component in SAS® 9.4 Web Infrastructure Platform is affected by the JQuery vulnerability that is described in CVE-2020-11022 F5B010
67181 SAS® Business Rules Manager does not display complex rule flows F5B012
69136 The HTML Commons component in SAS® 9.4 Web Infrastructure Platform contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability F5B013
69572 An empty pop-up error message is displayed and a null pointer exception occurs when you click the Data icon in SAS® Business Rules Manager F5B014
Released: September 29, 2022     Documentation: F5B014la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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