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SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop 9.46

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E4Y001 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y002 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y003 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y004 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y006 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y007 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y008 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y009 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y010 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y011 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y012 was replaced by E4Y013

E4Y013 for Linux for x64
SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop 9.46
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
63834 ALERT - SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop ignores blank values when you use a WHERE clause with the SQL procedure and the option DBIDIRECTEXEC E4Y001
63994 You encounter various errors when you use S3 data in combination with other actions E4Y001
64225 Results are returned more slowly than expected when you access Hadoop views with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop E4Y001
63987 You encounter a segmentation violation when connecting to Oracle using SAS/ACCESS® Interface to JDBC E4Y001
64002 The SAS® Embedded Process does not support Hive transactional tables E4Y001
64156 The error "ERROR 22-322: Expecting a name" appears after you use the %INDHD_RUN_MODEL macro syntax in SAS® Scoring Accelerator for Hadoop E4Y001
64744 SAS/ACCESS® Interface to JDBC does not pass down some functions to Google BigQuery E4Y002
65093 SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Data Integration Studio client users might not see errors from PROC SQOOP when a SQOOP job fails E4Y004
65789 The "Create Date" attribute for tables in Hadoop shows as missing in SAS® Studio and in output from the CONTENTS procedure E4Y006
65422 Inserting a string that contains an embedded apostrophe into BigQuery via JDBC returns the error "…Execute error: … Error executing query job" E4Y006
65569 The JDBC engine tries to drop a view and returns "Table...has not been dropped" when you use a DROP table statement with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to JDBC E4Y006
65574 Decimal values are rounded after they are inserted into a new Databricks table via SAS/ACCESS® Interface to JDBC E4Y007
65914 The error "Driver does not support this optional feature" is generated after you try to insert or append data to a Databricks table E4Y007
66826 Support for Cloudera Data Platform 7.1 added to SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop in SAS® 9.4M6 (TS1M6) and 9.4M7 (TS1M7) E4Y008
67183 Decimal values are incorrectly rounded when written to Hive E4Y009
67980 Reading data from TIBCO using SAS/ACCESS® to JDBC can return a java.sql.SQLException error E4Y010
69413 Creating a table when using SAS/ACCESS® Interface to JDBC with a Trino driver fails with the message, "Error attempting to CREATE a DBMS table..." E4Y013
NOTE: If you install this hot fix you must also install hot fixes D9T039 and D9T123 for Base SAS 9.4_M6.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Threaded Kernel 9.4_M6 installed, you must also install hot fix F8C004.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Interface to Viya Model Publishing and Scoring 8.3 installed, you must also install hot fix F6M001.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Data Loader Mid-Tier 3.1 installed, you must also install hot fix B3I005.
Released: August 01, 2022     Documentation: E4Y013la.html       Download:  
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