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E3Y001 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y002 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y003 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y004 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y005 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y006 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y007 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y008 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y009 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y010 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y011 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y012 was replaced by E3Y023

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E3Y022 was replaced by E3Y023

E3Y023 for Linux for x64
SAS Workload Orchestrator 9.46
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
63411 Grid-launched servers in SAS® Grid Manager fail when a client machine is configured for a different domain E3Y001
63645 Jobs are not submitted and "ERROR: Grid job failed to run" is returned or the option is ignored when you specify the startTime grid option E3Y001
63590 Kerberos tickets are deleted before they are passed to the Apache Hadoop cluster E3Y001
63886 SAS® Grid Manager needs to connect to an Apache Hadoop 3.x YARN cluster E3Y001
63686 SAS® Job Flow Scheduler does not schedule jobs from queues with equal priority on a FIFO basis E3Y001
63687 A SAS® Grid Manager grid queue fails when it is preempted by multiple queues E3Y001
63729 A user-defined resource script in SAS® Workload Orchestrator returns unexpected values E3Y001
66153 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator Web Interface stops responding while you are trying to update a configuration E3Y001
66190 The HA service and job status update routine cause delays for the host status E3Y001
63675 An attempted connection to the SAS® Workload Orchestrator web interface fails with an "Authorization failure for REST API call" error E3Y001
63676 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator web interface shows an incorrect utilization value on the Host Status tiles E3Y001
63143 Windows Defender Credential Guard and SAS® Software E3Y002
63764 You install SAS® Workload Orchestrator and the ["${oma.person.installer.login.userid}"] property does not show the correct ID information E3Y002
64116 Grid-launched workspace servers that are configured with SAS® Workload Orchestrator fail with an HTTP Status 403 error E3Y003
64161 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator continues to show a job as RUNNING after the job ends E3Y004
64758 The -GRIDGETSTATUS command output displays the incorrect times for the start time and end time of a submitted job E3Y005
64759 The errors "Grid job failed to run" and "Remote signon...canceled" occur in SAS® Grid Manager after you use the GRDSVC_ENABLE function E3Y005
64969 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator service is unresponsive intermittently E3Y005
63787 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator Administration Utility displays output in JSON format E3Y005
63788 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator Administration Utility needs the --sspi option to enable Kerberos authentication E3Y005
63789 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator Administration Utility uses the --authinfo option to connect to the grid E3Y005
64216 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator Administration Utility needs to support SSL via the mUrl and mScheme options E3Y005
65062 Grid-launched workspace server connections fail in SAS® Workload Orchestrator after users change their passwords E3Y006
65643 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator Administration Utility might return the error "Message is out of range" E3Y007
65696 The SGMG daemon in SAS® Workload Orchestrator might fail with Microsoft Windows exception errors E3Y008
65839 Host machines that run the sgmg daemon might experience delays or have an INACTIVE status in the web interface of SAS® Workload Orchestrator E3Y010
66170 A host does not run a highly available service within the SAS® Workload Orchestrator web interface and the service then has a "RUNNING_PARTIAL" state E3Y011
66386 Grid-launched workspace servers do not honor changed passwords, and you see the error message "Provider (SAS): Could not authenticate to the cluster" E3Y012
66387 A user name in the form "DOMAIN\\user" is not JSON-encoded, and the OAuth token then fails to parse, causing authentication failures E3Y013
66711 Grid-launched workspace servers fail when Kerberos authentication is used with SAS® Workload Orchestrator E3Y014
63474 IBM Spectrum LSF 9.1.1, 9.1.2, 9.1.3,, and contain a security vulnerability E3Y015
67077 Signing in to SAS® Grid Manager from SAS® Enterprise Guide® takes a longer time than expected E3Y015
67379 The maxStdOutLines parameter is added to the SAS® Workload Orchestrator web interface E3Y016
69176 The SGMG daemon in SAS® Workload Orchestrator returns a segmentation violation with the message "Exception occurred. Thread: SGMG Master Thread..." E3Y017
69175 The SAS® Workload Orchestrator daemon on the grid controller host might experience a memory leak E3Y018
69770 Kerberos credentials might not be removed from the disk or memory in SAS® Workload Orchestrator grid clients E3Y020
69771 Kerberos connections to SAS® Workload Orchestrator from grid clients might fail to authenticate E3Y020
69772 SAS® Workload Orchestrator memory consumption might steadily increase E3Y020
69966 "An invalid compare order value was specified" occurs when using 'Compare Order' from the SAS® Workload Orchestrator web interface Configuration tab E3Y021
70608 Slow sign-ons to SAS® Grid Manager might result in the error “PROVIDER(SAS): Could not authenticate to the cluster” E3Y022
70810 The object spawner stops responding in SAS® Grid Manager for Platform environments when you submit multiple workspace server requests simultaneously E3Y023
NOTE: If you install this hot fix, you must also install hot fix E3Q023 for SAS Threaded Kernel Core Routines 9.4_M6.
Released: May 24, 2024     Documentation: E3Y023la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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