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D8F012 for Linux for x64
SAS Studio 3.8
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
61927 You might experience a delay in SAS® Studio when you attempt to create a filter on a large Hadoop (Hive) table D8F001
63316 A hot fix for SAS® Studio 3.8 enables Git functionality as a regular production feature D8F001
63460 SAS® Studio contains a version of JQuery that has reached end-of-life status D8F001
63526 SAS® Studio contains cross-site scripting and HTML-injection vulnerabilities D8F001
63530 SAS® Studio 3.7 and later releases do not honor the "Log user off on timeout" middle-tier security policy setting D8F001
63558 Inaccurate results are returned when the CONTAINS operator is used in the table viewer filter with a large database table in SAS® Studio D8F001
63615 The generated code in SAS® Studio interactive mode produces "ERROR 14-12: Invalid option value compact for SAS option VALIDMEMNAME" D8F001
63662 A misleading error message that says "Unable to copy PDF stream" is displayed in the SAS® Studio log file under certain conditions D8F001
63883 The "Signing in" screen appears for a long time, or SAS® Studio Enterprise Edition 3.71 or 3.8 does not start D8F001
64842 SAS® 9.4 software references Apache Struts libraries that contain known vulnerabilities D8F001
63820 Expanding Hadoop tables in SAS® Studio Enterprise 3.7 causes multiple DESCRIBE and SELECT queries on the database D8F002
63848 The SAS® Studio interface stops responding while expanded Libraries tables are refreshing D8F002
63980 The error "Unable to execute query . . ." occurs in SAS® Studio after you try to sort a character column in the table viewer D8F002
64085 Folder shortcuts disappear from the SAS® Studio navigation pane D8F002
64148 The "Automatically select groups" option does not work properly in the SAS® Studio Query Utility D8F002
64204 You receive the pop-up message "Exception: Insufficient authorization to access..." when you try to save your program in SAS® Studio D8F002
64230 A "Must be a numeric value" error occurs when adding a numeric filter with decimal values in SAS® Studio in a non-English environment D8F002
64252 Code on the SAS® Studio "Code" tab is modified after you use the Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y shortcuts while you are working on a different tab D8F002
64260 SAS® Studio orphaned workspace-server processes are not being cleaned up based on the value of the HTTP session time-out interval D8F002
64262 Extraneous workspace-server processes might be created after a SAS® Studio session ends D8F002
64337 The autocomplete feature in SAS® Studio is adding digits to the value within an IF condition D8F002
64548 You delete a table from a query in Visual Programmer mode in SAS® Studio, but the table is still on the screen and does not seem to have been deleted D8F003
64633 You see a "physical file does not exist" error in SAS® Studio when you attempt to upload, save, or download a file D8F003
64656 Subsequent process flows are saved incorrectly after you cancel out of the Save As window for a process flow D8F003
64658 You see a "Nothing to save" pop-up error message when you press Ctrl-S to re-save a process flow in SAS® Studio D8F003
64665 Changes to a query node in a SAS® Studio process flow results in an incorrect display of process flow code D8F003
64787 You see a "physical file does not exist" error in SAS® Studio 3.x when you attempt to upload, save, or download a file D8F003
64868 SAS® Studio Basic edition contains Java libraries with known vulnerabilities: CVE-2019-10086, CVE-2018-18928 D8F003
64947 A SAS® Studio clone repository action returns the error "Return code from GIT is (12). unsupported URL protocol" D8F003
65059 Source comments in SAS® Studio reveal sensitive information D8F003
65068 How to modify the displayed host name in SAS® Studio Enterprise Edition 3.8 D8F003
65103 SAS® Studio generates the error message "ERROR: Unable to process SAS data set options for SQL view libref.viewname" D8F003
65106 Leading blanks in variable names are ignored in SAS® Studio D8F003
65313 You are unable to download a file successfully from SAS® Studio D8F004
65348 SAS® Studio discloses potentially sensitive information through JavaScript variables D8F004
65434 The SAS Table Properties window in SAS® Studio shows "Date created" and "Date modified" dates of Dec 31, 1959, 11:00:00 PM D8F004
65435 You can change the default output library for queries in SAS® Studio D8F004
65443 SAS® Studio has an injection vulnerability that permits execution of code into Apache Velocity templates D8F004
65473 SAS® Studio contains cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in multiple JSP files D8F004
66388 The _SASPROGRAMFILE macro variable gives incorrect results for the location of a shared drive D8F005
66714 An OPTIONS statement generated by submitting batch programs in SAS® Studio might cause syntax errors such as "ERROR 3-12: Invalid option value" D8F006
66715 Setting the SAS® Studio webdms.defaultVVN preference to UPCASE is ignored D8F006
66912 The Assign Metadata Libraries window in SAS® Studio might not populate D8F006
66921 Saving a program in SAS® Studio can affect the cursor placement when the Code window is refreshed D8F006
67017 The table viewer in SAS® Studio does not limit the number of observations that are retrieved from a Postgres database D8F006
67264 SAS® Studio allows cross-site scripting via a maliciously formed SVG file D8F006
67265 SAS® Studio includes a version of the dojo.js library that has known vulnerabilities D8F006
67275 Log output is sometimes not written to the log window in SAS® Studio 3.8 (Enterprise) or in SAS® Studio 3.81 (Enterprise) D8F006
67823 A new SAS® Studio 3.8 or 3.81 installation or configuration generates a 404 error when you attempt to log in D8F007
67889 SAS® Studio displays Danish characters incorrectly in the history for commits results D8F007
67892 SAS® Studio contains a session hijacking vulnerability D8F007
67899 SAS® Studio 3.8 or 3.81 might become unresponsive after performing actions using the Git interface D8F007
67944 SAS® Studio contains a jQuery library with a known vulnerability, CVE-2019-11358 D8F007
68338 SAS/GRAPH® Java applets contain third-party libraries with known vulnerabilities D8F008
68390 A SAS® Studio task shows the NODE tab as the active tab D8F008
68432 SAS® Studio (Basic) contains an Apache Groovy library with known vulnerabilities D8F008
69005 An SSH authentication fails and you see "...The specified URL or Public SSH key is invalid for remote repository" D8F009
69091 You cannot specify password-protected SSH keys in the Git user interface (UI) in SAS® Studio D8F009
69095 A data set name is grayed out on the Output Data tab in SAS® Studio 3.8 and SAS® Studio 3.81 D8F009
69172 Additional workspace server sessions might be started when you sign out of SAS® Studio 3.8 D8F010
69660 A sign out from SAS® Studio 3.8 Enterprise might occur unexpectedly D8F011
69729 SAS® Studio contains a jQuery library with the known vulnerabilities CVE-2020-11022 and CVE-2020-11023 D8F011
66174 The SAS® Studio log contains excessive WARN messages that state ". . . Unable to list children . . ." D8F012
70340 The creation of very large log files in SAS® Studio could cause excessive and retained heap usage on SASServer2_1 D8F012
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and are running on Linux for x64 or Windows for x64, you must also install hot fix D9T143 for Base SAS 9.4_M6.
Released: October 06, 2023     Documentation: D8F012la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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H9Y001 for Linux for x64
SAS Studio 3.8
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
66254 Attempting to clone a Git repository on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) fails with the error "Unable to clone repository < name-of-repository >" H9Y001
Released: July 08, 2020     Documentation: H9Y001la.html D       Download: H9Y001la.tar  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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