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SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop 9.45

Hot Fix Downloads for Linux for x64

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D7H001 was replaced by D7H004

D7H002 was replaced by D7H004

D7H003 was replaced by D7H004

D7H004 for Linux for x64
SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop 9.45
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
61658 Cells might not be properly reinitialized when you read SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop data in SAS® Enterprise Guide® D7H001
63952 Queries of Hadoop tables return "WARNING: The following column could have a length in SAS of 32767..." and cause performance problems D7H001
62637 The TEMPORARY keyword is missing for a staging table when you use SAS® High Performance procedures with the LIBNAME option DBCREATE_TABLE_OPTS= D7H001
60410 Using the HDFS_TEMPDIR= option in a LIBNAME statement to connect to Hadoop might produce an error D7H001
61488 MapReduce property overrides are not honored in the mapred-site.xml file leveraged by the SAS_HADOOP_CONFIG_PATH directory D7H001
63170 "Unable to transcode data to/from UCS-2 encoding" occurs after invalid characters are read in an Amazon Redshift, Impala, Netezza, or PostgreSQL table D7H001
62728 Merging a Hive table that contains a decimal data type in PROC DS2 fails when the DS2ACCEL=NO option is specified D7H001
63834 ALERT - SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop ignores blank values when you use a WHERE clause with the SQL procedure and the option DBIDIRECTEXEC D7H002
63994 You encounter various errors when you use S3 data in combination with other actions D7H002
64013 The Hive Driver is not supported for S3 or Hive 3 D7H002
64025 You encounter the message "ERROR: HTTP Request Failed ERROR: HTTP Status: 400...Oozie Error: E0803..." when using PROC SQOOP with Cloudera 6.x D7H002
62643 The error " Could not open connection..." occurs when you try to connect to Hadoop D7H002
63913 Errors occur with the HADOOP procedure or the FILENAME HADOOP statement when you try to access Amazon S3 data D7H002
64027 A segmentation violation occurs when you run DATA step code in Hadoop D7H002
64071 SAS® Deployment Manager stops responding on the Hadoop Cluster SSH Credentials panel when you connect to Hortonworks Data Platform version 3 D7H002
64225 Results are returned more slowly than expected when you access Hadoop views with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop D7H003
64026 When you read data tables on Azure HDInsights with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop, the reads might default to JDBC D7H004
65789 The "Create Date" attribute for tables in Hadoop shows as missing in SAS® Studio and in output from the CONTENTS procedure D7H004
NOTE: If you install this hot fix, you must also install hot fix B6Q099 for Base SAS 9.4_M5.
If you install this hot fix and are running SAS In-Database for Hadoop on Linux, you must also install hot fix B8T004.
Released: February 10, 2020     Documentation: D7H004la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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