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B6P001 was replaced by B6P007

B6P002 was replaced by B6P007

B6P003 was replaced by B6P007

B6P004 was replaced by B6P007

B6P005 was replaced by B6P007

B6P006 was replaced by B6P007

B6P007 for Linux for x64
SAS High-Performance Risk 3.9
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
61155 ALERT - In SAS® High-Performance Risk, different values might be shown when you create a cube and when you query that cube B6P001
61158 When you use SAS® High-Performance Risk for cashflow scenarios that use pricing methods, the resulting market state caching is incorrect B6P001
61225 "ERROR: A synchronization signal was not received from the HPRisk Engine" occurs when you use SAS® High-Performance Risk to process large portfolios B6P001
61421 When you run a Delta-Normal analysis with a single horizon and EVALDATE is not specified, the dates in the UI and in the SimStat data set do not match B6P001
61429 In SAS® High-Performance Risk, graphics are not displayed for cells in Delta-Normal or covariance side-by-side cubes B6P001
65293 ALERT - In SAS® High-Performance Risk models that have similar state values might produce incorrect values B6P001
64858 Adds functionality to allow alongside (parallel) writes of simulation values data set in SAS® High-Performance Risk 3.9 B6P001
61362 When you open an external link from a cross-classification variable in the SAS® High-Performance Risk UI, the resulting information might be incorrect B6P001
61839 You might encounter slow performance, high-memory usage, or long run times when you run a Delta-Normal analysis in SAS® High-Performance Risk B6P002
61837 You might experience slow performance when running yield-to-maturity calculations in SAS® Risk Dimensions® and SAS® High-Performance Risk B6P003
62090 Processing fails with "ERROR: Information could not be read from the HPRisk Engine..." when you use multiple parameter matrices B6P003
62674 You encounter slow performance with project runs for TASK=STRESS that include mitigation in SAS® High-Performance Risk B6P005
62696 You can include scenarios by name in the SCEN and SCENTRANS output data sets in SAS® High-Performance Risk B6P005
63194 Memory leaks in the middle tier increase memory usage and hold memory B6P006
64668 SAS® High-Performance Risk might issue a warning message when the session encoding differs from the encoding of the cube B6P007
64915 Cubes created using SAS® Event Stream Processing are recognized by SAS® High-Performance Risk as UTF-8 encoded in sessions with a different encoding B6P007
62862 Middle-tier and server component changes for SAS® High-Performance Risk 4.1 (Revision 18w25) B6P007
62486 Potential memory leaks can occur because user sessions are not deleted when you log off from SAS® Risk solutions in a web browser B6P007
64634 Scenario runs fail in SAS® High-Performance Risk 3.9 B6P007
64635 SAS® High-Performance Risk 4.1 now supports the migration of risk explorations from the 3.9 release B6P007
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have SAS Compiler and Symbolic Differentiator 9.44 installed, you must also install hot fix B8D003.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Thread-safe Compiler and Symbolic Differentiator 9.45 installed, you must also install hot fix B8E003.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Risk Dimensions Server Component 6.9 installed, you must also install hot fix C1B002.
If you install this hot fix and have SAS Risk Common Scenario Repository 3.8 installed, you must also install hot fix B2T009.
Released: August 20, 2019     Documentation: B6P007la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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