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A9A008 for Linux for x64
SAS Model Manager 14.2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
56657 The SAS® Model Manager %run_report macro deletes some data sets from SAS® work library A9A001
56712 Publishing a SAS® Model Manager project to a Teradata database does not work properly if the Teradata database is not a user database A9A001
60300 Executing a scoring task in SAS® Model Manager gives a "statement is not valid ..." error for some HP forest models produced by SAS® Enterprise Miner™ A9A001
60301 Retraining a model fails with a "character operand was found in the %EVAL function ... macro MM_CALL_REST_SERVICE will stop executing" error A9A001
60404 SAS® Model Manager returns "ERROR: Error in the FILENAME statement" when multiple ASTORE models are selected A9A001
60524 Multiple sets of quotation marks around values for publishing UDF to Greenplum returns "ERROR: CLI error trying to establish connection ..." A9A001
60425 Creating a model profile report fails with "ERROR: A character operand was found ..." when a user ID contains a hyphen A9A001
60069 Opening a SAS® Model Manager project might take several minutes when the project contains many models A9A001
60298 When duplicating rules in SAS® Business Rules Manager, a "This field is required" error is displayed even though a version is specified A9A001
60382 The SAS® Enterprise Decision Management smart object gives an "Invalid data set name ..." error when processing three-level names A9A001
60427 Publishing a model project to a database fails with "The champion model ... could not be published ..." even though the project is published A9A001
60438 Running an HP Forest scoring task fails, and "ERROR: Physical file does not exist, fitstats.xml" is displayed A9A001
60667 Rules with multiple condition-terms in SAS® Business Rules Manager are rejected when imported A9A001
60983 SAS® Business Rules Manager stops or slows response when moving rule sets with a very large number of rules A9A001
60985 Loading rule sets in SAS® Business Rules Manager takes excessive time A9A001
60988 Expanding the Table category in SAS® Decision Manager takes a long time when registered tables contain a large number of columns A9A001
61017 When editing rules in SAS® Business Rules Manager, performance is slow A9A001
61540 Publishing or testing a model gives "ERROR ... DeploymentServiceImpl error deploying decision ..." A9A001
61587 The test that leverages SQLSTMT to query for external data fails with "Error reported by DS2 package sqlstmt ..." A9A001
60071 The MM_CreateModelDataset macro takes more time than expected to finish for some SAS® Model Manager folders A9A001
61048 Calling %MM_ScorePortfolioMoldes might fail with "ERROR: Could not generate formats text file" A9A002
61170 The %MM_GetModelFile() file includes incorrect content, and "errorCode ... 417 ...GetTextFile ERROR: Java exception ..." might be included A9A002
61001 SAS® Model Manager ignores a modified-variable's length if your modified value ends with 0 (zero) A9A002
61004 Logging on to SAS® Model Manager returns an error dialog box with the message "The application has encountered a problem ..." A9A002
61009 SAS® Model Manager does not insert a record into a publish-history table when publishing a model project that has more than 36 characters A9A002
61049 Running a performance task for a random-forest model registered from SAS® Factory Miner in a DBCS environment does not produce performance charts A9A002
61345 Entering http://host:port/SASModelManager/ in an internet browser displays all projects or models in a SAS® Model Manager repository A9A003
61539 Performance-monitoring tasks might produce incorrect deviations as a result of incorrectly sorting the response values A9A004
61541 Performance-monitoring emails are sent for Normal status even when sendAlertWarning="Y" A9A004
61542 The %MM_ScorePortfolioModels macro gives "WARNING 1-322: Assuming the symbol AND was misspelled as andREASON ..." A9A004
61563 "WARNING: Apparent invocation of macro not resolved" messages are displayed when the %mdlmgr_addFolder macro is used in a DBCS (Chinese) environment A9A004
61564 The %mdlmgr_SetProperty macro does not set properties correctly when the value contains DBCS characters A9A004
61603 Data is missing from performance-monitoring reports for some variables in some time periods A9A004
61617 The %MM_ScorePortfolioModels macro does not produce any records in the output data set A9A004
61620 %MM_RegisterByFolder fails with "ERROR: MM_Register: Procedure failed" A9A004
61794 SAS® Model Manager gives "macro ... cannot be executed when SAS is in the lockdown state ..." errors when performing common tasks A9A004
61588 Importing a PMML model gives "ERROR: Cannot generate score code for the model" A9A004
61616 Performance-monitoring tasks for a portfolio fail with "ERROR: Variable JOBSTATUS not found" A9A004
61665 You can attach restricted file types to a Rule Flow or Rule Set, even though the types are restricted A9A004
61615 Opening a report causes a java.lang.NullPointerException error A9A004
61622 The scoring-results table is empty when variable names contain DBCS characters A9A004
61807 SAS® Factory Miner variables are missing from SAS® Model Manager variable Input and Output sections when project-segment names are long A9A004
62435 "ERROR: Parse encountered identifier when expecting end of input ..." is displayed when scoring SAS® analytical store file model in SAS® Model Manager A9A005
62440 The %MM_ScorePortfolioModels macro might not compute scores for all segments A9A005
62442 Gini and KS statistics that are produced by performance monitoring differ from those in a Dynamic Lift report A9A005
62439 SAS® Model Manager fails to register a project from SAS® Factory Miner, input/output variables are not produced, and no model is imported A9A005
63083 Performance-monitoring tasks might produce a zero (0) Count even when the Count should be nonzero A9A006
63240 Re-training in SAS® Model Manager returns "WARNING: Apparent symbolic reference _MM_USE_EM_ASSESS not resolved ..." A9A007
63343 Running the %indhd_run_model macro with a SAS® Model Manager model fails with "Job ... has failed ... program contains compilation error ..." errors A9A007
63627 Running a Production Scoring Test fails with "ERROR: Could not generate formats text file ... Could not compile source code" A9A007
63758 A performance-monitoring task gives "error: performance data source with prefix 'prefix_name'" could not be found in the library 'library_name' ..." A9A007
59592 An empty error window is displayed when you click Workflows or My Tasks in SAS® Decision Manager A9A007
63626 Running a Dynamic Lift report fails with errors "Missing numeric suffix on a numbered variable list ... ending column position before starting ..." A9A007
64828 A notification email sent by SAS® Model Manager performance monitoring task contains repeated lines for one Alert or Warning condition A9A008
64829 SAS® Model Manager fails to create Training Summary Data Set report, a "Variable NAME not found ..." error is displayed A9A008
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