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A6K001 was replaced by A6K004

A6K002 was replaced by A6K004

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A6K004 for Linux for x64
Data Integration Studio 4.902
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
59569 Some database management system library options are omitted from explicit SQL pass-through code in SAS® Data Integration Studio A6K001
59403 "Error reading metadata: Insufficient memory" occurs when you rename a library in SAS® Data Integration Studio or in SAS® Management Console A6K001
59936 The SAS® Data Integration Studio Hive transformation automatically deletes the target table A6K001
59939 SAS® Data Integration Studio jobs containing the SAS Data in HDFS Unloader transformation fail to delete tables in HDFS A6K001
59942 The SAS® Data Integration Studio Join transformation generates incorrect code for cross-schema joins of tables using the Hadoop LIBNAME engine A6K001
59960 The Target Table Pass Through Action property in the Join transformation generates improper code A6K001
59961 The Target Table is Pass Through property in the Set Operators transformation generates incorrect code  A6K001
61659 Code execution fails with "ERROR: The HADOOP table...already exists, or there is a name conflict with an existing object..." A6K001
60579 Performing command-line batch deployments in SAS® Data Integration Studio generates code without performance-statistics macros A6K002
60622 Redeploying a job using SAS® Management Console fails with the "UNKNOWN_ORIGINAL_SOURCE_FILE" error when the deployed job is defined by importing A6K002
57962 The SAS® Data Integration Studio SCD Type 2 Loader transformation generates errors when loading data into an external DBMS A6K002
60595 Connections between work tables and database libraries are incorrectly removed when these objects are included in metadata import processing A6K002
61015 Redeploying a stored process returns the "Cannot redeploy because there is no job metadata associated to this stored process" message A6K002
63112 An SPK file containing at least one SAS® Data Integration Studio job fails to import, and an ". . . import process has failed . . ." error occurs A6K003
57996 The SAS® Data Integration Studio SCD Type 2 Loader transformation does not honor user-supplied RDBMS options A6K003
60407 SAS® Data Integration Studio stops responding when you attempt to open a job A6K003
62579 You see "...Invalid object name..." after PROC SQL pass-through code creates an INSERT statement that excludes ## symbols from a temporary table name A6K003
63039 The Rank transformation in SAS® Data Integration Studio does not observe the mapping that is defined on the "Mappings" tab A6K003
63041 The SCHEMA= option is omitted from the connection string during pass-through processing in Apache Hadoop, and unexpected results occur A6K003
63076 The SCD Type 2 Loader transformation does not apply target-table options to intermediate tables that are created for SQL pass-through processing A6K003
63114 The "Preserve deployed value" selection for the "Batch Server" and "Location" options is not observed when you redeploy multiple jobs A6K003
63222 Business Rules transformations in SAS® Data Integration Studio cannot display an object with a minor version number greater than 99 A6K003
63224 The CONTAINS operator on the "Filter type" menu for the View Data window in SAS® Data Integration Studio incorrectly behaves as a LIKE operator A6K003
63434 Advanced options for a Join transformation are not retained after a job is saved, closed, and reopened A6K003
63299 Column mappings in a job are lost after partial promotion into your SAS® Data Integration Studio environment A6K003
65207 Communications between IBM Platform Process Manager and SAS® Management Console are not encrypted A6K004
Released: October 19, 2021     Documentation: A6K004la.html       Download:  
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