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A5W001 was replaced by A5W006

A5W002 was replaced by A5W006

A5W003 was replaced by A5W006

A5W004 was replaced by A5W006

A5W005 was replaced by A5W006

A5W006 for Linux for x64
SAS High-Performance Risk 3.7
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
59667 The GET_RANKED_VALUES_TOP CALL routine incorrectly returns a vector with a dimension of 1 and a missing value A5W001
59760 When SAS® High-Performance Risk is used in solo mode with ESPMODE=ON, PROC HPRISK might stop responding A5W001
59797 When you use multiple threads, missing values might occur for the scenario name A5W001
59844 Other than for simulations, transition matrices are not handled properly in analyses that have multiple horizons A5W001
60012 In SAS® High-Performance Risk, when you stress test a cube, you do not see the cash flows (they are not included) A5W001
59645 In SAS® High-Performance Risk, portfolio details are limited to 1000 rows when exported to Excel A5W001
60302 In SAS® High-Performance Risk, computed variable returns might be incorrect A5W002
60303 Cube repair truncates node values A5W002
60393 In the cash flow output data set, the maturity amount (MatAmt) might be missing if the maturity date (MatDate) is missing A5W002
60417 Garbage characters occur for cross-classification variable values in the ScenTrans data set A5W002
60458 "ERROR: Journals were not received"" or ""Information could not be read" occurs when you use position-level mitigation in SAS® High-Performance Risk A5W002
60470 "ERROR: Invalid Operation" and a SimulationReplication warning occur when you run SAS® Risk Management for Banking modules with cash flow simulations A5W002
60473 Incorrect numbers for side-by-side joins occur when the number of market states is different between the two subcubes in the join A5W002
60397 When you change the order of cross-classification variables in SAS® High-Performance Risk, the drill-down point and path are deleted A5W002
60496 Larger runs using the ScenTrans output data set fail with errors A5W003
60674 Stress tasks that output SCENTRANS fail when a query uses a subset of cross-classification variables A5W004
60737 SAS® High-Performance Risk Hot Fix B2T001: Release Notes A5W004
61155 ALERT - In SAS® High-Performance Risk, different values might be shown when you create a cube and when you query that cube A5W005
61158 When you use SAS® High-Performance Risk for cashflow scenarios that use pricing methods, the resulting market state caching is incorrect A5W005
61225 "ERROR: A synchronization signal was not received from the HPRisk Engine" occurs when you use SAS® High-Performance Risk to process large portfolios A5W005
62696 You can include scenarios by name in the SCEN and SCENTRANS output data sets in SAS® High-Performance Risk A5W006
Released: August 02, 2018     Documentation: A5W006la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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