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SAS Visual Investigator 10.8
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

For instructions on how to access and apply software updates, see:
SAS Visual Investigator 10.8 Hot Fix 9 Release Notes and
Updating Your SAS Viya software in the SAS Viya 3.5 for Linux Deployment Guide.
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* IMPORTANT: When upgrading to SAS Visual Investigator 10.8 Hotfix 8 you must create a new order to download the required software before upgrading.
70707 *You might be able to add a .bat file as an attachment to an alertMarch 20, 2024 *Manifest View
70668 *Data store INFO messages are removed from svi-indexer logging   
70663 *Some page controls do not display the selected focus when using the keyboard to navigate   
70662 *Indicator icons are not displayed on the network diagram page control   
70661 *Column headings are not keyboard accessible when the data grid is empty in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70660 *The centrality configuration panel is displayed on the network diagram even though the user is not granted the centrality permission   
70659 *The error "The value . . . does not specify a supported media type" occurs when viewing a scenario-fired event    
70652 *Spaces in the entity ID cause the workflow to fail   
70651 *Running a published flow with a record-level scenario fails to generate an alert in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70646 *A page prompts content is not displayed correctly in SAS® Visual Investigator workflow tasks   
70643 *Users can export data to Microsoft Excel even though they do not have the assigned capability   
70642 *Incorrect alerting events are displayed when reopening a closed alert   
70643 Users can export data to Microsoft Excel even though they do not have the assigned capabilityFebruary 08, 2024 Manifest View
70642 Incorrect alerting events are displayed when reopening a closed alert   
70571 *Scenario-fired event decision values are reset when you reactivate an alert in SAS® Visual InvestigatorDecember 05, 2023 *Manifest View
70570 *The validation of an imported flow might fail when there are multiple join relationships in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70550 *Columns in a grid disappear or collapse and cannot be used in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70549 *An alert that you suppress and close might not contain correct alerting event scoring in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70548 *The “Date” field that is used in a SAS® Visual Investigator Relationship object is not displayed correctly in the network diagram   
70547 *Triggering transactions for a scenario-fired event is blank in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70546 *A filtered audit report results in the error " not valid"   
70535 *A missing reference data value results in an empty value on the page   
70532 *The SAS® Visual Investigator Advanced Search feature does not return a complete query result   
70531 *Poor performance occurs when you create manual alerts in SAS® Visual Investigator    
70530 *Facet information might not be correct when searching with the Map view   
70529 *The "Add Workspace" and "Add Insights" tabs in SAS® Visual Investigator are not displayed in a legible manner in the user interface   
70528 *SAS® Visual Investigator generates an incomplete configuration file when the export configuration process silently encounters an exception   
70512 *Arrowheads are missing when you copy an alert network diagram to a workspace in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70511 *Search results are displayed but then disappear in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70510 *Some columns in the alert grid are not displayed when using the "Size columns to fit content" configuration option in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70477 *A "Save Changes" pop-up window occurs in SAS® Visual Investigator when closing a flow despite not making any changes   
70185 *Column selection in a Scenario Fired Event grid does not persist in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70409 Adding additional search criteria to an advanced search returns the message, "identities.identifySelectionDialog.noFilteredData.users.msg"September 19, 2023 Manifest View
70408 Adding a new entity to a workspace when a condition is not met causes the application to stop responding to user input   
70407 Previous transaction details remain on the screen when a new transaction is selected   
70399 Configuration parameters are missing from the HyperlinkRenderer selection of Grid control fields   
70390 An alert disposition action fails when the Disposition notes contain more than 500 characters in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70389 Data Source Substitution fails on a validation comparison in SAS® Visual Investigator with the error "The flow "flux sub" could not be executed"   
70388 A configured conditional icon is not displayed on the insights diagram   
70386 The OK button remains grayed out when using a REST call with an alert disposition   
70383 An export of a custom action does not include the display name with SAS® Visual Investigator   
70382 A network graph with many links between nodes might cause an error with SAS® Visual Investigator   
70381 The child-object viewer might contain fields that you are unable to edit in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70378 Integer values truncate in an alert's context record grid in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70377 Alerting events contain an inaccurate view of scenario-fired events after suppressing a closed alert in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70373 The alert recipient list in the strategy definition is limited to 50 groups   
70371 Indexing fails with the error "no matching rules for key"   
70218 *Intermittent pop-up errors might occur in SAS® Visual InvestigatorJune 20, 2023 *Manifest View
70191 *The page prompt deletes the lock when you cancel an edit in SAS® Visual Investigator    
70190 *The thousands separator for numeric values is missing on the Alerts page in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70189 *The Date type variable is not supported for the Due-date or Timer workflow feature in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70187 *Indexing might fail when child entities have multiple primary keys in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70184 *The Alerts Assignment window does not display all identities related to the relevant user group in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70183 *The default sort order is missing from the workflow task Action Date column in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70181 *Context records in the Table View fail to load after a view change in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70180 *Overlapping text labels for alert metrics can occur in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70179 *The filter or sort Column menu gets stuck if the browser locale is different from EN_US in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70177 *The “Disposition reason” field does not resize as expected in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70176 *An upgrade in place fails with SAS® Visual Investigator 10.8    
70175 *The Audit table contains missing cell values when you export to Microsoft Excel with SAS® Visual Investigator    
70174 *Fully re-indexing a relationship can fail when using the shared Elasticsearch index in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70173 *Column headings are lost for the Table view when you filter entity types in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70171 *Wildcard searches bypass the ElasticSearch/OpenSearch cache in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70168 *Unencoded user names are sent during the Identities API call in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70167 *Triggering transactions are truncated when running Scenario in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70166 *The Network View stops responding when multiple links are deleted and restored in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70165 *Page templates do not render properly in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70159 *Decimal values are rounded on the Alert Activity Context Records grid in SAS® Visual Investigator   
70157 *The sorting feature does not work when the sort column is a string value in a SAS® Visual Investigator Alert Activity grid    
70070 Upgrade fails with error "... MigrateLegacyTimestampFields Failed! Changes successfully rolled back"April 25, 2023 Manifest View
69939 A datahub configuration import fails with the error "The reference key svi.datahub.referencelist... is invalid" in SAS® Visual InvestigatorMarch 31, 2023 Manifest View
69938 Viewing a grid with many items results in the error "A System internal error has occurred..." in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69937 The toolbar item list renders beyond the list area when there are too many items in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69934 An entity scorecard fails to be saved and returns "ERROR: Function failed..." in the CAS log in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69850 SQL Server elasticsearch incremental indexing performance might be slower when accessing relationships or transactions that have multiple primary keysDecember 12, 2022 Manifest View
69786 SAS® Visual Investigator contains a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability   
69725 You cannot select cell values in the Relationships control grid in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69713 User group values in an exported table are empty after you export a Table View that includes user group fields in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering   
69709 The context record table displays time stamps with incorrect time zone information in SAS® Anti-Money Laundering   
69700 SAS® Visual Investigator datetime values are exported to Microsoft Excel in the UTC time zone   
69697 You can modify a closed alert with SAS® Visual Investigator   
69696 A server error might occur when you examine a scenario-fired event with SAS® Visual Investigator   
69695 The server error "An unexpected error occurred" occurs when you work with network diagrams in SAS® Visual Investigator    
69694 Listing workflows with a large number of revisions is slow with SAS® Visual Investigator   
69687 Format separators might be missing for numeric values in some alert grids in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69683 Context record fields are not displayed in the correct order in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69682 Comments are not handled properly when you create a new document in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69681 An incorrect list of dispositions is displayed in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69680 Buttons are not correctly aligned in windows in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69679 The executor tuning parameters for the indexer service are not migrated during an upgrade-in-place in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69677 Scenarios in SAS® Visual Investigator that have multiple aggregation columns might not have correct lookback periods   
69676 Expansion arrows are missing from Expand by Type dialog box in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69490 Loading tasks is slow with SAS® Visual Investigator   
69555 Printing to PDF in SAS® Visual Investigator results in the error "Server Error - Forbidden..."September 21, 2022 Manifest View
69529 Deleting relationships using the wrong alias in SAS® Visual Investigator causes indexing to fail   
69528 The SAS® Visual Investigator workflow variable replacement in REST Service JSON is over-encoded   
69527 The SAS® Visual Investigator Datahub service returns incorrect dates when the JVM Time Zone is a UTC 9+ hour offset   
69512 Summary scorecard deduplication results in an incorrect alerting event score in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69493 Relationship details are not completely displayed (the first characters are clipped or missing) in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69489 The Child-Object Viewer stops working if the child form has a condition activated in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69488 A drop-down list with the Child-Object Viewer is editable after you cancel the edit in the SAS® Visual Investigator web application    
69382 The SAS® Visual Investigator sand service does not start after an update   
68411 The error "Missing Required Fields" might occur when you try to save a new object in SAS® Visual Investigator   
68410 The Assignment Results pop-up message returns "Assignment was invoked successfully for 0 alerts..." in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69174 The user name is not displayed when you use userNameCellRenderer in SAS® Visual InvestigatorMay 25, 2022 Manifest View
69173 You cannot filter integer and double values in the alert grid in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69171 "Export to Excel" shows zero percent completed when you run it from the Alert Details tab in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69168 Performance is slow when a page contains a large number of custom controls in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69166 Dependent list selection might initially show the wrong values in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69165 An entity loads slowly when it contains a large number of linked items   
69162 "Export to Excel" does not export grid data from all tabs in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69161 Fields do not contain data when you edit a child entity record in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69160 Conditionally required fields do not show as required in SAS® Visual Investigator   
69159 A scorecard batch job fails in SAS® Visual Investigator   
68867 A Microsoft Excel file that is created after selecting "Export to Excel" does not contain all data-grid information from an entity page   

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