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67683 A published flow that contains summary scenarios produces incorrect alerts in SAS® Visual InvestigatorApril 12, 2021 Standard View
67676 A scenario ID is noted instead of the scenario name in a list of scenario-fired events   
67673 The OK button is disabled when you attempt to select a scenario-fired event for re-investigation in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67672 Navigating through a grid of related items results in the error "The alert with ID 'alert-ID' was not found" in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67670 Incremental indexing fails with a NullPointerException in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67669 The Export to Excel record limit for the Related Objects grid is ignored in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67665 Editing a data item in the SAS® Visual Investigator investigation UI fails with the error "The user does not have a lock on the object with ID..."   
67650 A disposition invocation in SAS® Visual Investigator results in "Server Error - An unexpected error occurred"   
67631 You experience slow performance while using the Network View in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67611 You see a "userid could not execute statement" error message in SAS® Visual Investigator    
67600 A configuration import fails with a ValidationException message in the datahub log   
67599 Creating a domain fails with the error "A reference list with the name 'domain-name' already exists" in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67598 Audit records are not being created for linking activities in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67584 You see "The search could not be completed. The error was logged and notified.... Error code: 95224" in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67079 You can resize a grid column only once in SAS® Visual Investigator when the language setting is a right-to-left language   
62623 A Gantt chart shows an incorrect color for a successful campaign on the Execution Page in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio   
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
67291 *Multiple Teradata database sessions remain active after a table is imported into SAS® Visual InvestigatorFebruary 16, 2021 *Standard View
67108 *An entity scorecard is missing in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67107 *A custom related object control is not accessible from a previous configuration in SAS® Visual Investigator    
67103 *The titles in prompt dialog boxes in SAS® Visual Investigator are not translated correctly after importing   
67102 *Radio buttons are missing from the Detail View Paging Configuration window in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67100 *You see the message "Server Error - An unexpected error occurred" after trying to open a Microsoft SQL Server table from the data store    
67099 *Issues occur with the Map View in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67098 *Issues occur with indexing DB2 tables in SAS® Visual Investigator   
67097 *You cannot add a new condition for an entity in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66404 *The scenario context grid freezes or fails when the number of records is too big   
66279 *Importing page contexts in SAS® Visual Investigator removes existing page contexts   
66242 *A scorecard batch job fails in SAS® Visual Investigator when a definition ID includes uppercase letters   
66203 *Disposition and queue mappings are deleted after you update your version of SAS® Visual Investigator    
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66706 Elasticsearch has multiple master nodes or the elasticsearch_check_cluster deployment step fails during an installation October 07, 2020 Standard View
66705 A caslib is not removed after a scenario job flow fails in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66701 High CPU usage occurs when you are running an Elasticsearch indexing job in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66699 The error "TypeError: Cannot read property ..." occurs after you drag controls onto a page using the Page Designer in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66698 The mouse pointer is offset when you drag items in the Page Builder in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66668 XML is displayed instead of reference data on related pages in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66659 The list of alert disposition queues is not sorted in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66462 A downloaded attachment in SAS® Visual Investigator uses the display name and not the file name   
66449 Document filter requests do not recognize numeric fields in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66435 The Datahub service fails to load after you upgrade to SAS® Visual Investigator 10.7   
66434 Timestamps are displayed incorrectly for entity scorecards    
66433 Flow expressions that contain parameters are not imported correctly from SAS® Visual Investigator 10.6   
66431 The workflow history on the "Tasks" tab is not filtering for both the instance ID and the entity    
66426 The screen shifts to the right while you are entering information for relationship properties   
66416 You cannot map the REST service response to user-group workflow variables, and you see the error message "The service task 'REST Service' failed…"   
66414 Data stores that work with the Data Hub do not work with the Scenario Administrator in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66413 Tables are not loaded into SAS® Visual Investigator   
66412 Aggregation fails for scorecards in the Scenario Administrator   
66410 You can create a data store successfully in SAS® Visual Investigator, but you cannot import tables from your data source   
66408 Previously defined labels for "Start Workflow" buttons appear as "Undefined" after you upgrade to SAS® Visual Investigator 10.7   
66405 The "Home" page for SAS® Visual Investigator opens slowly when the Alert Summary component is present   
66404 The scenario context grid freezes or fails when the number of records is too big   
66279 Importing page contexts in SAS® Visual Investigator removes existing page contexts   
66266 The message "The following users or groups were not found for the entity..." occurs when you try to save an entity in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66262 You might not be able to see a hidden tab or group box after you save an entity even if the condition is met in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66260 Attachments are downloaded without a file extension in SAS® Visual Investigator if their name does not include a file extension   
66259 Search results are not updated after you update a large number of alerts in SAS® Visual Investigator   
66258 Creating a many-to-many relationship fails with an error message about the default data store   
66256 A network diagram in SAS® Visual Investigator remains in pan mode and you can cannot select additional nodes   
66242 A scorecard batch job fails in SAS® Visual Investigator when a definition ID includes uppercase letters   
66238 Pending workflow tasks in SAS® Visual Investigator do not appear in your task list as expected   
66203 Disposition and queue mappings are deleted after you update your version of SAS® Visual Investigator    
66127 You receive an error that says an ". . . extension failed to load" after you import a flow into SAS® Visual Investigator   
66116 Identification fields are empty and do not provide selections in the drop-down menus for Oracle data history in SAS® Visual Investigator   
65259 Child entities are queried during incremental indexing even though the child entities are not marked for indexing   
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
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