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SAS Visual Investigator 10.5
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

For instructions on how to access and apply software updates, see:
SAS Visual Investigator 10.5 Release Notes and
Updating Your SAS Viya software in the SAS Viya 3.4 for Linux Deployment Guide.
To verify the installation of software updates in your Linux environment, see Usage Note 63211
64494 XSS malicious code can be unintentionally executed in SAS® Visual InvestigatorMay 17, 2019 Manifest View
64315 You see the error "An event must have a value for category" after you attempt to save an entity in SAS® Visual Investigator   
64297 You can create case attachments with invalid text in SAS® Visual Investigator   
64271 Searches in SAS® Visual Investigator are not processed after an Elasticsearch node becomes unavailable   
64211 A displaySessionID property is now available to enable or remove the display of the "Session ID" field on the SAS® Visual Investigator Audit page   
64210 The "Last Modified Date" column in a file is blank after you use the "Export to Excel" functionality in SAS® Visual Investigator   
64209 Elasticsearch clustering in SAS® Visual Investigator fails when the master node fails, and you see the message "fatal error on the network layer"   
64193 A database password is seen in the Scenario Administrator log for SAS® Visual Investigator    
64096 Datahub listening channels are not set up in SAS® Visual Investigator after RabbitMQ crashesMay 02, 2019 Manifest View
64129 SAS® Visual Investigator time-slider bars are not displayed after you resize the browser windowApril 05, 2019 Manifest View
64128 The application responds slowly when you perform certain actions in SAS® Visual Investigator   
64125 Child entities are not displayed in a print template for an Alert entity in SAS® Visual Investigator    
64124 A SAS® Visual Investigator print template is not printed and a print preview does not appear   
64120 SAS® Visual Investigator messages are processed through RabbitMQ very slowly   
64080 You cannot paste a URL into the rich-text area of a dialog box when you are creating an entity in SAS® Visual Investigator   
64077 The error "Error in Server-side Processing . . ." appears after you paste a table into a rich-text input area and then save the page   
64076 You cannot configure a zoom level that is greater than 18, even though the map provider would allow a higher setting    
64075 SAS® Visual Investigator exports dates into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in an incorrect format   
64074 A SAS® Visual Investigator drop-down list activates incorrectly when you click to the right of the list   
64061 The error "Failed to load data object" appears after you select the Data Objects page in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63326 Your screen times out after you delete a relationship in SAS® Visual InvestigatorDecember 19, 2018 Manifest View
63323 An indexing job is stuck in a deadlock situation in SAS® Visual Investigator   

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