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SAS Visual Investigator 10.4
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

For instructions on how to access and apply software updates, see:
Updating Your SAS Viya software in the SAS Viya 3.4 for Linux Deployment Guide.
To verify the installation of software updates in your Linux environment, see Usage Note 63211
63963 A database connection fails and a "Timeout: Pool empty" error occurs when you search for information in SAS® Visual InvestigatorApril 09, 2019 Manifest View
63748 A new SAS® Visual Investigator tenant fails to initialize during installation   
63735 ALERT - Edited entity-level rules do not work as expected in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63407 A "Cannot find any tables with the schema provided" error message occurs when you attempt to create an entity in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63936 An entity search result count in SAS® Visual Investigator is different from the entity indexed countFebruary 04, 2019 Manifest View
63794 Nodes and links do not line up or links disappear after you expand node levels or change your layout option in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63756 The error "Error in Server-side Processing" occurs in SAS® Visual Investigator when you save an alert that includes contributing objects   
63751 A flow does not open in Scenario Administrator, and your screen shows a "Loading" message   
63600 The comments, attachments, and relationships count notifications and panels do not update correctly when you switch between open objects   
63598 An incremental indexing job that runs on the link table after it has updated might fail, and you see the error "The links could not be loaded"   
63597 Searching and retrieving documents in SAS® Visual Investigator occurs more slowly than expected   
63596 An incremental indexing job with a delete-by-query call fails, and an error in the Elasticsearch log states that there are too many query terms   
63581 A new "replication.enabled" property is now available in Scenario Administrator to disable the replication of alerts    
63575 The "Date created" field for a workflow on the "Running Tasks" tab is populated only when you initially load the page in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63564 A scenario firing event on an entity with an ID that is longer than 36 characters can cause errors in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63557 Running incremental indexing for relationships might result in the relationship indexes being deleted in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63554 A SAS® Visual Investigator session stops responding after the time-out period occurs   
63553 The user ID that is displayed for who last updated a flow might be incorrect in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63229 Task Level List option might not be grayed out when information cells are selected   
63182 ALERT - You cannot see an image on an "Insights" tab in SAS® Visual Investigator when you are not the user who uploaded the image   
62978 Task-related actions take longer to complete than expected in SAS® Visual InvestigatorOctober 03, 2018 Manifest View
62977 A network diagram might be unusable in SAS® Visual Investigator when the application fails to respond   
62976 The search results sorting order by newest or oldest in SAS® Visual Investigator is incorrect   
62968 You select an item in a group pin in the map view in SAS® Visual Investigator, but multiple pins are then incorrectly selected   
62967 You try to open a view for data that is stored within Teradata and the action fails in SAS® Visual Investigator   
62965 ALERT - A SAS® Visual Investigator upgrade fails with a TDCUnhandledServerException and a ValidationException   
62964 You see a "GoJS evaluation . . ." watermark on a SAS® Visual Investigator workflow diagram   
62963 A SAS® Intelligence and Investigation Management configuration fails to import during a SAS® Visual Investigator upgrade   
62762 Logging on to SAS® Visual Investigator takes longer than expected   
62801 Deploying services for a SAS® Visual Investigator 10.4 update might fail with a BeanCreationException errorAugust 22, 2018 Manifest View

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