SAS Viya 3.5 for Linux
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

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Updating Your SAS Viya software in the SAS Viya 3.5 for Linux Deployment Guide.
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65602 Importing data from Twitter or Facebook to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services on SAS® Viya® fails with an errorJuly 30, 2020 Manifest View
66127 You receive an error that says an ". . . extension failed to load" after you import a flow into SAS® Visual InvestigatorJuly 30, 2020 Manifest View
64648 DS2 programs that use SAS® Micro Analytic Service functions setReference, setIntArray, setLongArray, and setDoubleArray on a shared vector leak memoryJuly 29, 2020 Manifest View
66298 The SAS® Workflow Service incorrectly returns a link to a subsequent process for the final process in a collectionJuly 29, 2020 Manifest View
66317 Various CAS functions can create a stack-corruption vulnerabilityJuly 29, 2020 Manifest View
66345 Backtesting for concurrent instances fails in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 July 28, 2020 Manifest View
66344 A failure occurs in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 when you import dimensional attributes from multiple source columns   
66343 An import model in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 displays external models that match the data-set name and a CAS library other than the rm_mdl library   
66342 The Model Input Monitoring feed table in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 is not saved   
66341 The model-specification workspace in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 does not display imported models when no target variable is defined   
66340 A failure occurs in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 and an error message is generated when you import a model    
66334 A model search in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 returns only the first 20 models from the model repository   
66319 Backtesting in SAS® Risk Modeling 8.1 fails and an error occurs during data transfer from SAS® Cloud Analytic Services to SAS®    
66269 The message "This principal was not found" occurs when you try to edit the authorizations for CAS tablesJuly 28, 2020 Manifest View
65602 Importing data from Twitter or Facebook to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services on SAS® Viya® fails with an errorJuly 24, 2020 Manifest View
66369 Performance is degraded when the Concepts node compiles a large number of rules in SAS® Visual Text Analytics 8.5July 23, 2020 Manifest View
66332 General performance improvements are implemented for Common Planning Service applicationsJuly 22, 2020 Manifest View
66309 The Folders service does not delete folders when an error occurs in a non-tenant or multi-tenant SAS® Viya® environmentJuly 21, 2020 Manifest View
66226 Incorrect output occurs when the FEDSQL procedure joins two tables with a join key value of VARCHAR(8192) July 21, 2020 Manifest View
66354 New features in SAS® Viya® 3.5 enable you to force user names to become lowercase when you launch host processes for users' CAS and computer sessionsJuly 20, 2020 Manifest View
66353 The creation and promotion of an ordered-by table with copies fails after the loss of a SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) worker node    
66352 ALERT - A SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) backup controller problem prevents new CAS sessions from launching   
66351 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) leaks file descriptors when you append data to a global table and follow that with an update action   
66350 "FATAL" messages are displayed in the CAS log after termination of a sas.reportImages session   
66232 Using a join view in a CAS action with a computed column produces both a "cas.CASException" error and an access violation error   
66267 Pattern matches might not be valid using PATTERNMATCH in the NETWORK procedureJuly 14, 2020 Manifest View
66264 The unweighted influence centrality metric might be incorrect in the NETWORK procedure   
65602 Importing data from Twitter or Facebook to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services on SAS® Viya® fails with an errorJuly 13, 2020 Manifest View
66284 A treatment's attribute value is incorrectly assigned a missing value (.) in place of an empty value in SAS® Intelligent DecisioningJuly 10, 2020 Manifest View
66248 Calling a SAS® Micro Analytic Service module that is created by SAS® Intelligent Decisioning through a REST API only succeeds the first time   
65602 Importing data from Twitter or Facebook to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services on SAS® Viya® fails with an error   
66229 Two consecutive code steps in a data plan cause a "Transpose" transform issue and the error message "One or more required columns cannot be found"July 09, 2020 Manifest View
65602 Importing data from Twitter or Facebook to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services on SAS® Viya® fails with an error   
66213 Certificates that shipped in SAS® 9.4 contains an expired certificate from Sectigo AddTrust (expired on May 30, 2020)July 01, 2020 Manifest View
66207 The output variables for the SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning champion model are not copied when you use an interval targetJune 29, 2020 Manifest View
66159 A "BadRequestException" error occurs in SAS® Intelligent Decisioning when you publish a decision to the SAS® Micro Analytic Server   
66201 SAS® Intelligent Decisioning does not enable you to zoom in a decision flow if the flow contains a lot of nodesJune 29, 2020 Manifest View
66160 A malformed request URL to an Esri server in SAS® Visual Analytics prevents map images from loading in the geomap report object   
66181 The error message "BY variables are not properly sorted…" occurs after running a DATA step that includes both a WHERE clause and the SINGLE=YES optionJune 29, 2020 Manifest View
66162 The error "CAS connection send is out of order" occurs when you run the DS2 runModel action   
66124 Appending to a CAS table can produce incorrect results without producing any indication in the log that the results are incorrect   
66120 Merging CAS tables with a BY statement produces an error regarding the BY variable format   
66195 The SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) session terminates when you connect to SnowflakeJune 25, 2020 Manifest View
66200 Simultaneous lookup activation in SAS® Intelligent Decisioning causes SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) to drop formatsJune 23, 2020 Manifest View
66187 The DataGrid_get function does not return the correct data type in SAS® Intelligent Decisioning   
65701 Trying to load a Teradata table into SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) might result in errorsJune 18, 2020 Manifest View
66141 Applications that use the Common Planning Service might fail on writeback when the account aggregation type of "Max" is usedJune 17, 2020 Manifest View
66139 Applications that use the Common Planning Service might experience performance issues during large writebacks   
65083 "WARNING...You are not licensed to use this ODBC driver with the DataDirect..." appears in the log when you use SAS/ACCESS® Interface to ODBCJune 16, 2020 Manifest View
66104 A SAS® Studio 5.2 session stops responding when you upload a large file that is in use by another compute sessionJune 16, 2020 Manifest View
66087 Changes to the task definitions for the SAS® Viya® 3.5® operations agent do not persist after you restart the sas-ops-agentJune 12, 2020 Manifest View
65762 Gradient Boosting models might produce incorrect scores and fit statistics when an offset is used with an interval targetJune 11, 2020 Manifest View
66114 SAS® Studio 5.2 keyboard shortcuts are not retained between SAS Studio sessionsJune 10, 2020 Manifest View
66061 SAS® Studio 5.2 does not open after you click "New ► SAS program file" on the "Develop SAS Code" tab in SAS® Drive   
66021 SAS® Studio 5.2 intermittently generates an "Unable to Save. . ." pop-up error message   
66004 SAS® Studio contains a broken access-control vulnerability in its file download capability   
65981 Pressing "Enter" in the Save As dialog box has no effect in SAS® Studio    
65831 Performance issues occur during the automatic refresh of the Libraries section in SAS® Studio for Viya   
65636 A log file is not created after you submit a program using the Background Submit feature in SAS® Studio   
65605 Formats are not applied for aggregated measures when you execute a query in SAS® Studio for SAS® Viya®   
66090 A message in the log file for a scoring test of SAS® Intelligent Decisioning incorrectly contains an ERROR tag rather than a NOTE tagJune 09, 2020 Manifest View
65983 The LUA procedure contains an authorization-bypass vulnerabilityJune 09, 2020 Manifest View
66054 The gbtreeTrain action returns different results in SAS® Viya® 3.5June 08, 2020 Manifest View
65762 Gradient Boosting models might produce incorrect scores and fit statistics when an offset is used with an interval target   
66089 Modifying the forms in a form set might cause corruption in a planning formJune 05, 2020 Manifest View
66088 A writeback might fail in Common Planning Service applications   
66081 User domain accounts become locked when you connect to Hive using LDAP authenticationJune 04, 2020 Manifest View
66058 You receive "The session requested is currently in a failed or stopped state" in the SAS® Studio interface for SAS® Viya® when you refresh filesJune 04, 2020 Manifest View
65966 The SAS® Viya® Launcher Server contains a memory leak and returns "Error during managed flush..." in the launcher service logJune 03, 2020 Manifest View
65891 The XSL procedure contains an authorization-bypass vulnerabilityJune 02, 2020 Manifest View
66028 A DS2 program triggers an access violationJune 01, 2020 Manifest View
66040 SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Snowflake added support for MODIFY, UPDATE, and DELETE statementsJune 01, 2020 Manifest View
66331 A newly added column for the DATAGRID variable is missing in a SAS® Intelligent Decisioning decisionJune 01, 2020 Manifest View
66057 SAS® Intelligent Decisioning sometimes does not display all objects   
65928 Some SAS® Viya® services fail to start with a "VAULT_CERTIFICATE_ISSUED_ERROR" message   
66114 SAS® Studio 5.2 keyboard shortcuts are not retained between SAS Studio sessionsMay 29, 2020 Manifest View
66059 Administrators can prevent SAS® Drive users from opening content in a new browser tab   
66009 You can disable the capability to attach files to comments in applications in the SAS® Viya® environment   
65984 Override groups fail to resubmit (and remain in the "Resubmit Pending" status)even after you resubmit the groups in SAS® Visual ForecastingMay 28, 2020 Manifest View
65983 The LUA procedure contains an authorization-bypass vulnerabilityMay 28, 2020 Manifest View
65862 The errors "The CIMPORT procedure cannot be run..." and "Bad product ID for procedure CIMPORT" appear in SAS® Viya® 3.4 or SAS® Viya® 3.5   
65922 Trying to read a Google BigQuery table that contains a variable defined as an array might result in a panic error and SAS® shutting downMay 28, 2020 Manifest View
65916 Accessing a Google BigQuery table without including the SCHEMA= option in the LIBNAME statement might result in an error   
65573 Reading in a BigQuery table might result in an error or slow performance   
65572 The length of a string variable might be longer than specified with the MAX_CHAR_LEN= option   
65571 Loading data into CAS from BigQuery might result in the QUALIFIER= option not being honored   
66033 Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Azure returns the "OPENSSL_sk_num" errorMay 27, 2020 Manifest View
65803 CAS session authentication fails when the Kerberos realm is needed in the user nameMay 21, 2020 Manifest View
65802 The CAS REST API does not use the env.CASUSERIGNORECASE setting   
65584 A blank or incorrect value is returned when querying cas.MAXCORES   
65913 SocketAppender limits the number of active CAS sessions and returns "Error getting server information...Failed to launch..." when the limit is reachedMay 21, 2020 Manifest View
65915 The SAS® log stops responding when a MySQL syntax error occurs or a caslib cannot be created in SAS® Environment ManagerMay 21, 2020 Manifest View
65928 Some SAS® Viya® services fail to start with a "VAULT_CERTIFICATE_ISSUED_ERROR" messageMay 20, 2020 Manifest View
65989 An error occurs when you use a model from SAS® Model Manager with SAS® Event Stream ProcessingMay 20, 2020 Manifest View
65987 SAS® Model Manager does not allow users who are not administrators to delete a model's variables   
66012 Microsoft Excel report or form designs are not saved in planning-based applications in SAS® Viya®May 20, 2020 Manifest View
66002 A SAS® Visual Analytics report might be slow to edit when it contains mapped data sources and pages have been duplicated multiple timesMay 18, 2020 Manifest View
65932 SAS® Visual Analytics geo region maps might not display the lower levels of a geographic hierarchy and return "Unable to retrieve region geometries"   
65928 Some SAS® Viya® services fail to start with a "VAULT_CERTIFICATE_ISSUED_ERROR" message   
65988 Disaggregation does not occur in SAS® Intelligent Planning when the fact data-table level is higher than the planning-area levelMay 18, 2020 Manifest View
65894 Security updates for SAS® Infrastructure Data Server for SAS® Viya® 3.5May 15, 2020 Manifest View
65990 ALERT - The CAS action fails with an error when you compare CHAR variables to VARCHAR variablesMay 14, 2020 Manifest View
65947 A FedSQL procedure hash join incorrectly returns zero rows in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)May 12, 2020 Manifest View
65560 Read-only users can connect using a new LIBNAME option SCHEMA_CONNECTION= in SAS/ACCESS® Interface to MongoDBMay 06, 2020 Manifest View
65911 Comparison of two VARCHAR variables with the FEDSQL procedure or the FEDSQL action might generate unexpected resultsMay 01, 2020 Manifest View
65850 A domain exception message occurs in the CAS log after you use the addDocuments actionApril 24, 2020 Manifest View
65849 Entities or compounds are missing from the result after you use the deleteDocuments action   
65848 Warning messages cause LSF to fail in SAS® Visual Investigator with the Real-Time Entity and Network Generation (RTENG) module   
65826 The SAS® Viya® apply_license utility does not produce an error if the license file cannot be readApril 24, 2020 Manifest View
65753 An internal component in SAS® Viya® is updated to support certain functionalities in SAS® Risk EngineApril 21, 2020 Manifest View
65863 SAS® Intelligent Decisioning does not properly handle a decision that includes two models that have ASTORE filesApril 21, 2020 Manifest View
65860 The warning "undefined: undefined" occurs when you open a code for a customer node in SAS® Intelligent Decisioning   
65838 The MAXMATCHES= option in the PATTERNMATCH statement of PROC NETWORK might not return the correct number of matchesApril 14, 2020 Manifest View
65837 The REACH statement in PROC NETWORK might not produce valid results   
65819 The PATTERNMATCH algorithm in PROC NETWORK or the network action set might not result in a valid match while using filter functions   
65814 Access violation error in the CYCLE statement with ALGORITHM=BUILD in PROC NETWORK or the network action set   
65817 SAS® Workflow Manager contains an XML external entity (XXE) injection vulnerabilityApril 08, 2020 Manifest View
65815 SAS® Workflow Manager displays no more than 100 job definitions for an Invoke Job Execution service task   
65799 The host service "reportservicesgroup" fails when the Report Images service encounters an out-of-memory conditionApril 07, 2020 Manifest View
65741 SAS® Visual Analytics unexpectedly displays all dates in reverse order when playing an unlooped animation on a graph   
65731 The Gradient color selected for a SAS® Visual Analytics network analysis diagram is not applied   
65619 SAS® Visual Analytics geo map requests for driving, trucking, and walking routes result in an “SSL required” message   
62659 List controls unexpectedly do not have scroll bars in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer and SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya®   
65775 Tree-based procedures, actions, and nodes stop responding, or fail to completeApril 07, 2020 Manifest View
65796 The Performance Monitoring task does not use the bin definition defined in the first time period for all following time periodsApril 07, 2020 Manifest View
65788 A hot fix provides more support for the ORC data connector and ORC LIBNAME engine in SAS® Viya® 3.5April 02, 2020 Manifest View
65635 Unable to connect to SAS® Studio Basic if IPv6 is not available on the server in SAS® Viya® 3.5March 22, 2020 Manifest View
65700 The SAS® Infrastructure Data Server "max_connections" property might reset to the default value when SAS® Viya® 3.5 is restartedMarch 18, 2020 Manifest View
65691 Placing an outgoing call to a service in the Compute Server file fails with the error "401: Unauthorized" in SAS® Viya®March 16, 2020 Manifest View
65540 A CAS job that uses the addDocuments action in the rteng action set does not completeMarch 06, 2020 Manifest View
65308 Compound query results and compound code output are incorrect   
65306 Switching to a new compound store in the compoundStore= parameter does not change the information for the previous store in memory   
65675 Improvements for TLS version 1.3 packet handlingMarch 06, 2020 Manifest View
65673 Support is provided for TLS version 1.3 in the SSLMINPROTOCOL= system option    
65347 An upgrade from SAS® Viya® 3.4 to SAS® Viya® 3.5 might fail with a PostgreSQL cluster time-outMarch 05, 2020 Manifest View
65303 Upgrading from SAS® Viya® 3.4 to SAS® Viya® 3.5 fails with the error "/opt/sas/viya/home/bin/pg_ctl: No such file or directory..."   
65577 Some directories within the /opt/sas/spre/home/SASFoundation/lib/base directory incorrectly have 777 permissionsMarch 05, 2020 Manifest View
65642 Publishing a Python model to SAS® Micro Analytic Service using SAS® Model Manager might stop respondingMarch 04, 2020 Manifest View
65783 The Home screen for SAS® Data Studio is missing screen elements, and the word "Fixed" appears in place of the usual iconsMarch 02, 2020 Manifest View
65668 A SAS® Data Studio job refers to an incorrect data plan   
65632 The Transpose transform in SAS® Data Studio on SAS® Viya® 3.5 truncates the output column length to 32 bytes   
64719 SAS® XML Mapper contains an XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability that also affects the XMLV2 LIBNAME engineFebruary 28, 2020 Manifest View
65566 SAS®​​​​​​​ Visual Analytics cannot be accessed directly with Mozilla Firefox when a custom theme is in useFebruary 28, 2020 Manifest View
65565 SAS® Visual Analytics unexpectedly prompts to accept or decline terms and conditions for using Esri ArcGIS Online services for mapping data   
65534 SAS® Visual Analytics geo coordinate maps do not display coordinates if the data contains more than 27,000 data points   
65279 Data tip values in SAS® Visual Analytics do not retain date formats in geomap objects   
65603 "Error reading/writing item store..." appears in the CAS logs during start-up and formats are unavailable in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)February 25, 2020 Manifest View
63986 The FEDSQL procedure performs poorly or fails with "Out of Memory" errors for tables that are loaded into SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)February 25, 2020 Manifest View
65555 SAS® Environment Manager stops responding after you try to open the My Credentials pageFebruary 24, 2020 Manifest View
65281 SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Netezza added support for the DBCLIENT_MAX_BYTES= optionFebruary 21, 2020 Manifest View
65576 SAS® Intelligent Planning Suite might generate a "NotFoundRuntimeException" exception February 19, 2020 Manifest View
65575 Templates are unable to be modified after a restart   
65548 SAS® Visual Analytics reports embedded in inline frames (iframes) stop working after browser updates that enforce SameSite cookies more strictlyFebruary 18, 2020 Manifest View
65515 Links that use protocols other than HTTP fail to open in SAS® Visual Analytics   
65513 SAS® Visual Analytics reports embedded using the SDK stop working after browser updates that enforce SameSite cookies more strictly   
65497 SAS® Visual Analytics reports opened from report links briefly show unfiltered data before being filtered   
65496 Report Data service crashes when a SAS® Visual Analytics report has custom sorts and display rules   
65450 SAS® Visual Analytics reports perform slowly when they include geo map visualizations as data-driven content   
65446 The SAS® Visual Analytics App is not launched when opening a SAS® Visual Analytics report URL from an Apple iPad   
65413 SAS® Visual Analytics geo region maps do not display all custom regions when using an aggregated measure in the Color role   
65358 SAS® Graph Builder contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability   
65334 Some fonts appear differently after promoting reports from SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4 and earlier to SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya®   
65279 Data tip values in SAS® Visual Analytics do not retain date formats in geomap objects   
65256 Data is no longer assigned to report-level prompts in a SAS® Visual Analytics report   
65246 Map bubbles do not render in a SAS® Visual Analytics report with a hierarchy when the projection is not World Geodetic System (WGS84)   
66194 A log message that refers to "an unknown, abnormal error" occurs after you execute a DATA step that contains a hash table in CASFebruary 17, 2020 Manifest View
65585 CAS session start-up performance improvements   
65454 A memory leak in the main CAS controller process exists    
65448 Some CAS actions fail when you use the CAS REST API with OAuth authentication   
65447 CAS sessions can be slow to start when caslibs contain large numbers of access controls   
65265 The PERMISSION= parameter within the action is ignored when you save a CAS table to a SAS7BDAT file   
65105 The REPLICATION= table option is ignored when you use the WHERE clause while creating a CAS table   
65453 The message "ERROR: Variable not found" occurs when you change the case of a column name using the alterTable CAS actionFebruary 03, 2020 Manifest View
65262 Merge joins in PROC FEDSQL return an incorrect number of rowsFebruary 03, 2020 Manifest View
65336 SAS® stops responding when you specify both the INSERTBUFF= and BULKLOAD= options in the LIBNAME statement with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to MySQLJanuary 30, 2020 Manifest View
64654 You notice performance issues and delays in Google Chrome when you navigate with up and down arrow keys in both SAS® Studio 5.1 and SAS® Studio 5.2January 24, 2020 Manifest View
65323 Localization updates are available for SAS® Code DebuggerJanuary 10, 2020 Manifest View
65321 You are unable to edit the Input type and Input body fields in an Invoke REST Web Service task in SAS® Workflow ManagerJanuary 09, 2020 Manifest View
65253 The compute server dynamically determines CASHOST or CASPORTDecember 20, 2019 Manifest View
65275 PGPool might fail to start when you restore SAS® Viya® 3.5 to an alternate hostDecember 18, 2019 Manifest View
65273 The reportAlerts service remains in an onboarding state for tenants after upgrading from SAS® Viya® 3.4 to SAS® Viya® 3.5December 18, 2019 Manifest View
65247 Automated explanation and automated prediction objects are displayed incorrectly when a page template is used in the same SAS® Visual Analytics report   
66133 The LAST method might incorrectly return a nonzero return code within a DATA step that is using hash objectsDecember 13, 2019 Manifest View
66121 The items in a multiple-item list do not maintain the same order in which you inserted them when using ordered DATA step hashes   
65164 ALERT - CAS might fail when you use the dropCaslib action in global caslibs   
65134 Kerberos credential cache files are owned by the CAS user rather than the end user when home directories are created by CAS   
65125 ALERT - A PROC FEDSQL left join query returns randomly missing values in a massively parallel processing (MPP) environment for SAS® Viya® 3.4   
65233 Failed Postgres nodes re-entering the cluster might take a long time to restore the dataDecember 06, 2019 Manifest View
65229 SAS® Infrastructure Data Server or PGPool microservices might fail if Consul is down   
65178 SAS® Infrastructure Data Server or PGPool microservices might fail on start-up of SAS® Viya® 3.5   
65163 ALERT - Integers are interpreted as a date or a time when some Parquet data sets are loaded into CASNovember 25, 2019 Manifest View

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