SAS Viya 3.4 for Linux
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

For instructions on how to access and apply software updates, see:
Updating Your SAS Viya software in the SAS Viya 3.4 for Linux Deployment Guide.
To verify the installation of software updates in your Linux environment, see Usage Note 63211
66175 The launch time for SAS® Studio 4.4 is slower than expectedJuly 02, 2020 Manifest View
66174 The SAS® Studio log contains excessive WARN messages that state ". . . Unable to list children . . ."   
66173 The code editor in SAS® Studio 4.4 generates incorrect characters after you enter a right parenthesis followed by an equal sign (=)   
60402 Permanent SAS® program files might be incorrectly marked as edited in SAS® Studio   
65083 "WARNING...You are not licensed to use this ODBC driver with the DataDirect..." appears in the log when you use SAS/ACCESS® Interface to ODBCJune 16, 2020 Manifest View
65817 SAS® Workflow Manager contains an XML external entity (XXE) injection vulnerabilityMay 18, 2020 Manifest View
65815 SAS® Workflow Manager displays no more than 100 job definitions for an Invoke Job Execution service task   
65688 Data items are sorted in an unexpected order in Microsoft Excel when exporting crosstab data from SAS® Report ViewerApril 16, 2020 Manifest View
65619 SAS® Visual Analytics geo map requests for driving, trucking, and walking routes result in an “SSL required” message   
65579 Repair Report dialog box in SAS® Visual Analytics appears to mix up replacement columns when the dialog box scrolls in order to display many columns   
64961 Drilling into a hierarchy on a geo region map in SAS® Visual Analytics returns "RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds"   
65831 Performance issues occur during the automatic refresh of the Libraries section in SAS® Studio 4.4 April 10, 2020 Manifest View
65721 SAS® Data Explorer returns the message "No items are available" on the "Available" tab and "Data Sources" tabMarch 23, 2020 Manifest View
65564 Audit reports in SAS® Environment Manager are missing dataMarch 11, 2020 Manifest View
65347 An upgrade from SAS® Viya® 3.4 to SAS® Viya® 3.5 might fail with a PostgreSQL cluster time-outMarch 05, 2020 Manifest View
65303 Upgrading from SAS® Viya® 3.4 to SAS® Viya® 3.5 fails with the error "/opt/sas/viya/home/bin/pg_ctl: No such file or directory..."   
65555 SAS® Environment Manager stops responding after you try to open the My Credentials pageFebruary 23, 2020 Manifest View
65543 Importing an SPK file that contains tables to SAS® Viya® 3.4 in SAS® Environment Manager fails to complete   
65533 SAS® Visual Analytics diagnostic tools no longer function with January 2020 updatesFebruary 21, 2020 Manifest View
65446 The SAS® Visual Analytics App is not launched when opening a SAS® Visual Analytics report URL from an Apple iPad   
65358 SAS® Graph Builder contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability   
65246 Map bubbles do not render in a SAS® Visual Analytics report with a hierarchy when the projection is not World Geodetic System (WGS84)   
65503 You are unable to start the Vault microservice in SAS® Viya® because the unseal key file is lostFebruary 04, 2020 Manifest View
65502 You are unable to deploy SAS® Viya® after updating Bash on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)   
65447 CAS sessions can be slow to start when caslibs contain large numbers of access controlsJanuary 29, 2020 Manifest View
64654 You notice performance issues and delays in Google Chrome when you navigate with up and down arrow keys in both SAS® Studio 5.1 and SAS® Studio 5.2January 24, 2020 Manifest View
63928 The code editor in SAS® Studio does not show typed code immediately   
65334 Some fonts appear differently after promoting reports from SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4 and earlier to SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya®January 16, 2020 Manifest View
65274 SAS® Environment Manager does not replace all images contained in a SAS® Visual Analytics report during the Mapping step when importing   
65313 You are unable to download a file successfully from SAS® StudioJanuary 14, 2020 Manifest View
65265 The PERMISSION= parameter within the action is ignored when you save a CAS table to a SAS7BDAT fileJanuary 09, 2020 Manifest View
65281 SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Netezza added support for the DBCLIENT_MAX_BYTES= optionJanuary 02, 2020 Manifest View
65262 Merge joins in PROC FEDSQL return an incorrect number of rowsDecember 17, 2019 Manifest View
65152 The error message "BY variables are not properly sorted on data set…" appears after a DATA step is run with a BY statement against a partitioned tableNovember 25, 2019 Manifest View
65135 Geomap functionality in SAS® Visual Analytics contains a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilityNovember 19, 2019 Manifest View
65107 SAS® Visual Analytics performs poorly or stops responding when data is passed from data-driven content objects back to SAS Visual Analytics   
65125 ALERT - A PROC FEDSQL left join query returns randomly missing values in a massively parallel processing (MPP) environment for SAS® Viya® 3.4November 18, 2019 Manifest View
64825 New sasauth options are available for integration with MapR native authenticationNovember 15, 2019 Manifest View
61175 SAS® Web Infrastructure Platform Database update or upgrade addresses known security vulnerabilitiesNovember 15, 2019 Manifest View
64608 SAS® Viya® 3.4 authentication does not work when you use Okta as an external OAuth/OpenID Connect provider November 08, 2019 Manifest View
64434 Saving a Microsoft SQL Server table within SAS® Cloud Analytic Services takes longer than expectedNovember 07, 2019 Manifest View
64584 The message "ERROR: General error ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" occurs when you use a caslib to connect to Oracle November 01, 2019 Manifest View
64700 SAS® Studio stops responding and the CAS log shows an access violation when you load an ORACLE table using PROC CASUTIL in SAS® Data Connector to ODBCOctober 31, 2019 Manifest View
64992 A hierarchy on a SAS® Visual Analytics geo bubble map fails to drill down with a message that "location information could not be projected"October 30, 2019 Manifest View
64771 The sas-stream microservice (sas-viya-stream-evdm-default) stops running and generates an errorOctober 08, 2019 Manifest View
64995 CAS table state management displays a maximum of 100 caslibs for selection in SAS® Environment Manager for SAS® Viya®October 07, 2019 Manifest View
64805 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports fail to open in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer 7.5 and SAS® Report Viewer 8.3September 26, 2019 Manifest View
64695 Cells that contain a lot of text are not fully displayed in wrapped list tables in SAS® Visual Analytics   
64693 Custom line graphs are missing line patterns and marker symbols in SAS® Graph Builder on SAS® Viya®   
64692 Navigating a SAS® Visual Analytics report that contains filters returns "An error occurred" and references "line" and "col" numbers   
64686 SAS® Visual Analytics takes longer than expected to display a message that a data source cannot be found   
64565 A SAS® Visual Analytics report that uses an aggregated data source fails to open with "An error was encountered loading the report"    
64505 Promoting a SAS® Visual Analytics exploration to SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® fails with "Conversion of the report content failed"   
64482 Period calculations that use the IgnoreAllTimeFrameFilters option unexpectedly return missing values in SAS® Visual Analytics   
64435 SAS® Report Viewer fails to load some report objects when the SAS® Visual Analytics report uses parameters   
64367 SAS® Visual Analytics displays "An error occurred" when list controls are used to populate multiple-value parameters   
64279 Control objects filtered by another filter are not updated correctly in SAS® Report Viewer when “Automatic actions on all objects” option is used   
64277 "Detailed data" option in the Export Data dialog box is missing or it returns "expected parameter: # was not found" in a SAS® Visual Analytics report   
63527 SAS® Visual Analytics displays "An error occurred:" and "The data has no points" when zooming in on a geo map   
63473 Pressing Esc to exit report playback in SAS® Report Viewer displays "An error occurred. Document not active" when using Google Chrome 71 or later   
64777 A SAS® Studio program submission log does not show errors after reading invalid data with IBM S370 informatsSeptember 24, 2019 Manifest View
65047 Table data becomes corrupted when you read date values earlier than 1900 with a Teradata caslibSeptember 18, 2019 Manifest View
64593 A new data set option, BL_RECOVERABLE, is available for SAS/ACCESS® Interface to DB2 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows hostsSeptember 17, 2019 Manifest View
64766 ALERT - The SAS® Viya® authorization service contains a remote code-execution vulnerabilitySeptember 17, 2019 Manifest View
64740 A user could make unauthorized administrative changes to the SAS® Viya® 3.4 environmentSeptember 10, 2019 Manifest View
64707 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) actions fail on some indexed tables that contain row-level permissionsSeptember 09, 2019 Manifest View
64691 "Warning: Communication failure among server nodes" occurs and a CAS worker stops responding with the PROC TRANSPOSE or the CAS transpose action   
64574 Computed columns that are based on an indexed SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) table do not produce correct results in SAS® Visual Analytics    
64703 You are unable to start RabbitMQ and Postgres (sasdatasvrc) after upgrading the systemd package to version 67September 06, 2019 Manifest View
64633 You see a "physical file does not exist" error in SAS® Studio when you attempt to upload, save, or download a fileAugust 26, 2019 Manifest View
64399 Libraries do not expand after you initially sign in to SAS® Studio 4.4   
64684 Custom themes based on Inspire cause problems with SAS® Viya® 3.4 applicationsAugust 23, 2019 Manifest View
64613 SAS® Drive has a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the folder name and shortcut name fieldsAugust 22, 2019 Manifest View
64664 The DBCREATETABLEOPTS data connector option is not supported when used with the SAS® Data Connector to Teradata in parallel modeAugust 22, 2019 Manifest View
64427 Particular date informats that use periods as delimiters are not read correctly during a SAS® Cloud Analytic Services sessionAugust 21, 2019 Manifest View
64127 Using a promoted format can cause orphaned processes to remain after the CAS server is stopped   
64497 Repeated instances of the message "Could not process the script: The object used to call the method is null" appear in CAS logsAugust 12, 2019 Manifest View
64158 PROC S3 PUT fails with the message "ERROR: tks3ConnectionUploadPart..."   
64531 Reports open slowly when SAS® Visual Analytics is under heavy use and there are many data-loading requestsJuly 25, 2019 Manifest View
64357 Printing a SAS® Visual Analytics report fails with "TransportWarning::SERVER_UNAVAILABLE" and the sas-report-renderer log contains font errors   
64353 SAS® Visual Analytics reports can become corrupted after editing a data source join or an aggregated data source   
64235 The New Geography dialog box displays only the first 100 data items when creating a geography data item in SAS® Visual Analytics   
64232 SAS® Report Viewer displays "Unresolvable entities for scope: 'SASReport'" after deleting a data item that is used in a report or page prompt   
64224 SAS® Report Viewer displays "Unresolvable entities for scope: SASReport" after a page link for a duplicated page is deleted   
64223 SAS® Visual Analytics reports become corrupted after a data item used for a data source mapping is deleted   
64196 Optimizations for caslib access are available for the Data Selection window in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® 3.4   
63668 SAS® Visual Analytics report content disappears if a prompt container is added while the "Set fixed report size" option is selected   
63628 SAS® Report Viewer displays "Unresolvable entities for scope: SASReport" when opening promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports that include gauges   
64626 Memory usage for CAS worker nodes is not at equal levels when FedSQL queries are runJuly 11, 2019 Manifest View
63718 You encounter slow performance when you use SAS® Federation Server to read in SAS® data sets   
64313 SAS® Workflow Manager displays a maximum of 10 job definitionsJuly 02, 2019 Manifest View
64432 Parallel loading to Impala in SAS® Viya® generates the error "Error while executing a query in Impala: [HY000] : AnalysisException..."July 01, 2019 Manifest View
64411 "No items are available" occurs and column names are appended with _1 when you select a join table in the SAS® Data Studio interface in SAS® Viya®June 28, 2019 Manifest View
64155 The sasep-admin script fails with an error on Amazon EMR clustersJune 28, 2019 Manifest View
64002 The SAS® Embedded Process does not support Hive transactional tables   
62945 SAS® Infrastructure Data Server update addresses known security vulnerabilitiesJune 26, 2019 Manifest View
64408 An import action in SAS® Data Explorer on SAS® Viya® 3.4 fails with error messages regarding the charMultiplier and a bad list elementJune 24, 2019 Manifest View
64167 Optimizations for caslib access are available for SAS® Data Explorer in SAS® Viya® 3.4    
64284 SAS® Viya® microservices fail to start with a message indicating that there was a problem with the trustedcerts.pem fileJune 19, 2019 Manifest View
64385 The generated URI from registering an ASTORE model might be incorrect in the AstoreMetadata.json fileJune 19, 2019 Manifest View
64384 Score code from a non-English SAS® Visual Text Analytics model in SAS® Model Manager contains incorrect language   
64340 Post-installation instructions you should follow after you apply an update to SAS® Viya® 3.4   
64307 Using SAS® Model Manager to expand a caslib causes a web browser to stop responding, or to fail   
64302 A scoring test in SAS® Model Manager uses the default-language model instead of a customer-sentiment model   
64300 Opening a model gives "Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage ..." or "This webpage is using significant memory ..." errors   
64261 A SAS® Model Manager performance job fails with "ERROR: Session has no available workers"   
64359 The error "Cannot Set Group Authority: User may be a member of too many groups" occurs when you sign in to SAS® Studio 5.1June 19, 2019 Manifest View
64323 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) deployment updatesJune 14, 2019 Manifest View
64247 SAS® Visual Analytics predefined and custom geo regions are not displayed with 'regions could not be projected properly' for non-English localeJune 07, 2019 Manifest View
64240 SAS® Visual Analytics independently scales positive and negative bars in list tables    
64222 Reports opened in the SAS® Report Viewer using Microsoft Edge become unresponsive if the layout has scroll bars   
64221 Reports with parameters perform poorly in SAS® Report Viewer   
64166 "Show prompted filters" in SAS® Report Viewer causes the bottom part of the report to disappear from the screen   
65380 Existing projects do not appear on the Projects tab in SAS® Drive and new projects cannot be savedJune 07, 2019 Manifest View
64234 A missing 'url' error intermittently appears when using SAS® Drive   
64179 "ERROR: The connection to the data source driver failed..." occurs when you import a DB2 table into SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) May 30, 2019 Manifest View
63986 The FEDSQL procedure performs poorly or fails with "Out of Memory" errors for tables that are loaded into SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)   
64091 The SAS® Event Stream Processing Server (executable program name dfesp_xml_server) exhibits memory growth and eventually crashesMay 29, 2019 Manifest View
64241 In SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.3 for SAS® Viya® 3.4, the sasgpud service attempts to reserve the wrong GPU deviceMay 29, 2019 Manifest View
64189 The OPTMODEL or OPTMILP procedures might lose communication with a CAS worker node and fail to complete the optimizationMay 23, 2019 Manifest View
64169 A segmentation violation occurs when you use the NOFMTERR option with the $CHARw. or undefined format for a numeric variableMay 16, 2019 Manifest View
64188 Batch code fails to respond when there are overrides in a conflict state in SAS® Visual ForecastingMay 14, 2019 Manifest View
64180 SAS® Visual Investigator tables might contain different data than what is labeledMay 14, 2019 Manifest View
64162 ALERT - Intermittent crashes of SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) workers occur when you run CAS action setsMay 10, 2019 Manifest View
64050 DB2 materialized query tables do not show in the CAS library listingMay 09, 2019 Manifest View
64131 Geo map polygons in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® are shifted, askew from the expected locationMay 03, 2019 Manifest View
63979 Aggregations can perform poorly in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® and SAS® Report Viewer   
63819 The browser stops responding when adding many data items to report objects in SAS® Visual Analytics   
63482 The radius-based selection for a SAS® Visual Analytics geo map using Distance as the geographic selection type does not reflect the intended distance   
64059 How default IDs and link names are displayed is not consistent in SAS® Visual Investigator crsrteng input and output May 02, 2019 Manifest View
64067 The DataFlux® Expression Engine returns no tokens or incorrect tokens to SAS® Event Stream Processing when the DQ.PARSE function is usedMay 02, 2019 Manifest View
64119 Custom polygon providers in SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® display a triangle or other geometric shapes instead of expected polygonsApril 29, 2019 Manifest View
64118 SAS® Visual Analytics on SAS® Viya® displays "numeric field overflow" when registering a custom polygon provider using an Esri ArcGIS feature service   
64000 SAS® Visual Analytics geo maps based on custom polygon providers display "Unable to retrieve region geometries" and "Data type mismatch detected"   
63958 The browser becomes unresponsive when you enable "Check for updates" in SAS® Report Viewer   
63896 A "Post Comment" error appears when adding a comment to a report in SAS® Drive   
63799 Temporary CAS tables created by SAS® Visual Analytics are not automatically unloaded from the SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) server   
63784 Report objects load more slowly in SAS® Report Viewer than they do in SAS® Visual Analytics   
64049 You receive the message "ERROR: Numeric value out of range..." when loading a DB2 TIMESTAMP value into SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) April 29, 2019 Manifest View
64082 VARCHAR computed columns produce incorrect results for SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) actionsApril 26, 2019 Manifest View
63965 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) sessions might stop responding during the execution of the setFmtSearch action   
63964 A race condition might occur in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) during session termination   
63962 Multiple table.update actions might stop responding in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)   
63961 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services experiences a deadlock when more than 100 connections are made to one CAS session   
63960 SAS® Visual Analytics reports that use wide input tables might perform poorly   
63959 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services fails to start if a description for a global caslib contains special characters   
63956 Corrupted output tables or exceptions occur when you run the table.update action with a WHERE clause that contains indexed variables   
64030 ALERT - SASHDAT files saved to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) grant Read and Write access to all users if you do not specify custom permissionsApril 16, 2019 Manifest View
64027 A segmentation violation occurs when you run DATA step code in HadoopApril 12, 2019 Manifest View
64026 When you read data tables on Azure HDInsights with SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Hadoop, the reads might default to JDBC    
64025 You encounter the message "ERROR: HTTP Request Failed ERROR: HTTP Status: 400...Oozie Error: E0803..." when using PROC SQOOP with Cloudera 6.x   
64024 The -ADD option does not function on the SAS® Embedded Process install script with Cloudera 5.x   
64023 A SAS® Embedded Process deployment fails with "A JNI error has occurred...Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException..." on Hortonworks 3.x   
64013 The Hive Driver is not supported for S3 or Hive 3   
63994 You encounter various errors when you use S3 data in combination with other actions   
63987 You encounter a segmentation violation when connecting to Oracle using SAS/ACCESS® Interface to JDBCApril 12, 2019 Manifest View
64071 SAS® Deployment Manager stops responding on the Hadoop Cluster SSH Credentials panel when you connect to Hortonworks Data Platform version 3April 12, 2019 Manifest View
63990 SAS® In-Database Code Accelerator for Hadoop fails with errors when you try to access an Apache Hive table that is stored on Amazon S3   
63913 Errors occur with the HADOOP procedure or the FILENAME HADOOP statement when you try to access Amazon S3 data   
63957 The SAS® Data Studio interface in SAS® Viya® 3.4 might display the wrong selected column for a transform after you run a data planApril 10, 2019 Manifest View
63996 Natural-language-generation might be missing from some output plots on the Pipeline Comparison tabApril 10, 2019 Manifest View
63945 *SAS® Viya® platform services security updatesApril 02, 2019 *Manifest View
63161 Execution of batch code for SAS® Visual Forecasting project fails with "Response status: 400 ...invalid response was received ..."March 28, 2019 Manifest View
63885 Applying overrides and filters in SAS® Visual Forecasting takes longer than expectedMarch 19, 2019 Manifest View
63825 Using Model Studio to expand a caslib causes a web browser to stop responding, or to failMarch 14, 2019 Manifest View
63493 You can use the newly added DATASOURCE option, SLICECOLUMN=, to specify which column to use with multinode mode March 13, 2019 Manifest View
63487 "Invalid connection string required for this datasource..." occurs when you use SAS® Data Connector to ODBC to connect to HDInsight   
63485 Only the first letter of a table name shows when you use SAS® Data Connector to ODBC and SAS® Data Connector to SQL Server   
62685 The warning "Unable to find an acceptable column for multi-node reads” occurs when you use a multinode read for loading data   
63614 A DS2 method with an extremely large number of arguments can trigger errorsMarch 07, 2019 Manifest View
63174 A correct null value is not returned after you use the GETDOUBLE method with a DS2 SQLSTMT package   
63813 SAS® Environment Manager in SAS® Viya® 3.4 exhausts your web browser memory after you open a caslib that contains a very large number of entriesMarch 07, 2019 Manifest View
63759 There is no response when you click "Save" after you edit default compute contexts in SAS® Environment Manager on SAS® Viya®   
63689 SAS® Data Explorer in SAS® Viya® 3.4 exhausts your web browser memory after you open a caslib that contains a very large number of entries   
63805 SAS® Mirror Manager fails to list the sas-espedge-base Docker imageMarch 06, 2019 Manifest View
63742 Your SAS® Studio page does not reconnect or reload after a network connection is lostMarch 01, 2019 Manifest View
63558 Inaccurate results are returned when the CONTAINS operator is used in the table viewer filter with a large database table in SAS® Studio   
63526 SAS® Studio contains cross-site scripting and HTML-injection vulnerabilities   
63460 SAS® Studio contains a version of JQuery that has reached end-of-life status   
60070 Extraneous Java errors might be written to the SASStudio.log file when you log on to SAS® Studio    
63777 SAS® Viya® incorrectly stores Impala tables as text rather than using the specified Parquet formatMarch 01, 2019 Manifest View
63816 SAS® Visual Analytics in SAS® Viya® 3.4 exhausts your web browser memory after you select a caslib that contains a very large number of entriesMarch 01, 2019 Manifest View
63585 SAS® Visual Analytics does not always pass indirect filters through page links   
63547 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports display the original data source name even if a data source with a different name is selected during import   
63523 SAS® Environment Manager scheduled jobs begin to fail after the Kerberos ticket expires   
63501 Double-clicking inside a list table clears row selections in SAS® Visual Analytics reports   
63500 SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS® Report Viewer export a different number of rows to Microsoft Excel   
63284 Data sources are duplicated inside SAS® Visual Analytics reports   
63122 Defining a new polygon provider in SAS® Visual Analytics fails with a registration error   
63052 Prompt containers do not filter as expected in SAS® Visual Analytics reports that are the target of a report link   
63984 Large TSV files consume disk space in SAS® Viya®February 28, 2019 Manifest View
63185 The error "Could not find/write expected config file" occurs in the SAS® Environment Manager log viewer for SAS® Viya® and in the ops-arm.log file   
63708 SAS® Data Studio in SAS® Viya® 3.4 exhausts your web browser memory after you select a caslib that contains a very large number of entriesFebruary 21, 2019 Manifest View
63690 A hot fix for the SAS® Data Explorer application in SAS® Viya® 3.4 enables support for a command-line interface (CLI)February 20, 2019 Manifest View
63322 SAS® Environment Manager for SAS® Viya® stops responding and does not load when your browser language is set to the Portuguese pt_PT localeFebruary 20, 2019 Manifest View
63673 ALERT - A security vulnerability currently exists in SAS® Cloud Analytic ServicesFebruary 19, 2019 Manifest View
63610 The "Width specified for format %U.*s is invalid" error is returned by SAS® Cloud Analytic Services   
63609 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services licensing support   
63608 SAS® Cloud Analytic Services might fail to determine effective access controls for users   
63607 Loading a CSV file from a DNFS source fails when SAS® Cloud Analytic Services is running in SMP mode   
63606 Loading SASHDAT files from DNFS to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services produces random, memory-related errors   
63605 A SAS® Cloud Analytic Services group lookup fails in some scenarios   
63604 A SAS® Cloud Analytic Services summary action fails with either the "TKIMST_FPE_ACCESSVIO" error or NaN values in the result set   
63522 The primary SAS® Cloud Analytic Services controller stops when the secondary SAS® Cloud Analytic Services controller stops   
63342 BY-group processing for a DATA step that runs in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) against a view can generate an incorrect number of observations   
63584 Creating a filter in the table viewer while you are in the Interactive perspective causes the SAS® Studio 5.1 application to stop respondingFebruary 12, 2019 Manifest View
63506 The SAS® Studio user interface shows only the first 200 columns of a table under certain conditions   
63484 The "Develop SAS Code" and "Recent" tabs in SAS® Drive might not display files that are recently created in SAS® Studio   
63351 Re-saving or autosaving a SAS® Studio program fails, and you see a pop-up error message that says "Unable to save the file"   
63567 The error "User ID or password is invalid." occurs when you validate Esri Premium Services credentials in SAS® Visual AnalyticsFebruary 06, 2019 Manifest View
63565 Creating a SAS® Visual Text Analytics project fails with errors "Error occurred copying data to project ..." February 05, 2019 Manifest View
63452 SAS® Studio might enable remote code execution via Java reflectionJanuary 24, 2019 Manifest View
63388 SAS® Studio contains a buffer-overflow vulnerability   
62908 SAS® Studio contains a stored cross-site scripting vulnerability   
62907 SAS® Studio file shortcuts are vulnerable to cross-site scripting   
63422 A 403 HTTP error occurs when you search indexable attachments in SAS® Visual InvestigatorJanuary 24, 2019 Manifest View
63444 An OUTFOR data set is automatically detected as a "Time series" data-source type in SAS® Visual ForecastingJanuary 24, 2019 Manifest View
63529 SAS® Viya® microservices repeatedly reissue Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates January 22, 2019 Manifest View
63424 SAS® Mirror Manager produces an error during a list tag operationJanuary 07, 2019 Manifest View
63475 A SAS® Viya® deployment fails with "The RabbitMQ service...could not be started..." during a RabbitMQ setup taskJanuary 02, 2019 Manifest View
62906 RabbitMQ allows TLSv1.0 connections   
63292 Data items are sorted unexpectedly in the Export Data dialog box for reports that were promoted from SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4December 21, 2018 Manifest View
63291 Key value objects display incorrect values in SAS® Visual Analytics    
63283 You are unable to copy text from the Information pane in SAS® Report Viewer   
63235 The sas-viya-reportdistribution-default service fails to start after SAS® Visual Analytics is upgraded   
63150 SAS® Report Viewer displays "Unresolvable entities for scope: SASReport" after pages are duplicated in a SAS® Visual Analytics report   
63137 SAS® Report Viewer stops responding when attempting to render a SAS® Visual Analytics report inside an inline frame (IFRAME)   
63098 Refreshing a SAS® Visual Analytics report clears any report navigation links   
63053 The last known viewer state for a SAS® Visual Analytics report overrides parameters set on a URL   
63033 SAS® Report Viewer unexpectedly displays two demographic values in addition to the selected demographics   
62989 SAS® Viya® allows stored cross-site scripting in object names within SASHome or other client applications   
62699 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports contain duplicated gauges   
63354 SAS® Embedded Process jobs fail with errors when you use SAS® Data Connect Accelerator for Spark or SAS® Scoring Accelerator for Spark with SAS® Viya®December 18, 2018 Manifest View
63248 ALERT - A security vulnerability currently exists in SAS® Plug-ins for HadoopDecember 18, 2018 Manifest View
63377 One SAS® Cloud Analytic Services worker receives no data when loading CSV files from DNFS caslibsDecember 14, 2018 Manifest View
63376 You experience high memory consumption when loading CSV files to SAS® Cloud Analytic Services from a DNFS caslib   
63358 SAS® Viya® 3.3 stops responding when you specify AUTHDOMAIN= in a CASLIB statement and use a multi-node PROC CASUTIL load   
63238 A SAS® Data Studio 2.2 data plan that contains a parsing transformation fails with errors in SAS® Viya® 3.3December 04, 2018 Manifest View
63236 A SAS® Data Studio plan in SAS® Viya® 3.4 can run out of memory if the data plan contains a join for at least one table with a large number of columns   
63249 Some FedSQL queries fail in SAS® Cloud Analytic Services when it is running in distributed modeNovember 19, 2018 Manifest View
62791 A SAS® Cloud Analytic Services session returns an error or produces incorrectly aggregated data when using a variable with a user-defined format   
63139 SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning contains OpenCV libraries with known vulnerabilitiesNovember 19, 2018 Manifest View
63109 Submitting pending overrides in SAS® Visual Forecasting might fail with "The submitted transaction failed to execute on server..."October 31, 2018 Manifest View
63091 The PostgreSQL health check results in a FATAL error message if the host name contains the words "node0" or "pgpool0"October 08, 2018 Manifest View
63062 *SAS® Visual Analytics 8.3 for SAS® Viya® updatesSeptember 25, 2018 *Manifest View
62877 Using Model Studio gives permission errors when a user ID is a member of the CASHostAccountRequired groupSeptember 19, 2018 Manifest View
61709 "Project creation failed with: creatingProviderError" and "Project open failed ..." messages are displayed when creating or opening projects   
62852 You cannot properly use caslibs during deployment and configuration tasksSeptember 05, 2018 Manifest View
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