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SAS Viya 3.3
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

For instructions on how to access and apply this software update, see:
SAS Viya 3.3 Administration: Managing Your Software.
To verify the installation of software updates in your Linux environment, see Usage Note 63211
65503 You are unable to start the Vault microservice in SAS® Viya® because the unseal key file is lostFebruary 03, 2020 Manifest View
65502 You are unable to deploy SAS® Viya® after updating Bash on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)   
64584 The message "ERROR: General error ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied" occurs when you use a caslib to connect to Oracle November 14, 2019 Manifest View
64435 SAS® Report Viewer fails to load some report objects when the SAS® Visual Analytics report uses parametersOctober 06, 2019 Manifest View
64221 Reports with parameters perform poorly in SAS® Report Viewer   
64766 ALERT - The SAS® Viya® authorization service contains a remote code-execution vulnerabilitySeptember 27, 2019 Manifest View
64703 You are unable to start RabbitMQ and Postgres (sasdatasvrc) after upgrading the systemd package to version 67September 09, 2019 Manifest View
63482 The radius-based selection for a SAS® Visual Analytics geo map using Distance as the geographic selection type does not reflect the intended distanceJuly 15, 2019 Manifest View
64374 Authentication to the CAS server fails with the error "Access denied..." when the authentication token is greater than 10,000 bytesJuly 02, 2019 Manifest View
64164 Sampling actions fail and generate a floating point exception or access violation error if integer-type variables are included in the output tableJune 19, 2019 Manifest View
63567 The error "User ID or password is invalid." occurs when you validate Esri Premium Services credentials in SAS® Visual AnalyticsFebruary 12, 2019 Manifest View
63522 The primary SAS® Cloud Analytic Services controller stops when the secondary SAS® Cloud Analytic Services controller stopsJanuary 25, 2019 Manifest View
61935 In SAS® Visual Analytics reports that use calculated items and row-level security, some objects might display "The action was not successfulJanuary 03, 2019 Manifest View
62699 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports contain duplicated gaugesDecember 21, 2018 Manifest View
63152 You see a pop-up message that reads "Authorization error" when you change conveyed permissions for SAS® Viya® contentDecember 09, 2018 Manifest View
62855 Hive decimal values are incorrectly altered when loaded in parallel to Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)November 13, 2018 Manifest View
63197 ALERT - A security vulnerability currently exists in SAS® Cloud Analytic ServicesNovember 09, 2018 Manifest View
63150 SAS® Report Viewer displays "Unresolvable entities for scope: SASReport" after pages are duplicated in a SAS® Visual Analytics reportNovember 01, 2018 Manifest View
63098 Refreshing a SAS® Visual Analytics report clears any report navigation links   
63052 Prompt containers do not filter as expected in SAS® Visual Analytics reports that are the target of a report link   
63007 Drilling into a hierarchy in SAS® Report Viewer causes a RangeError to appear and the browser to stop responding   
62496 SAS® Visual Analytics report fails to open in SAS® Report Viewer with an "Unresolvable entities" error related to an AbstractAction   
63109 Submitting pending overrides in SAS® Visual Forecasting might fail with "The submitted transaction failed to execute on server..."October 24, 2018 Manifest View
62990 ALERT - SAS® Viya® contains a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerabilitySeptember 27, 2018 Manifest View
62989 SAS® Viya® allows stored cross-site scripting in object names within SASHome or other client applications   
62973 SAS® Viya® 3.3 compute logs show "ERROR...Failed to PATCH file resources...'http StatusCode':400..."September 25, 2018 Manifest View
62908 SAS® Studio contains a stored cross-site scripting vulnerabilitySeptember 20, 2018 Manifest View
62907 SAS® Studio file shortcuts are vulnerable to cross-site scripting   
62945 SAS® Infrastructure Data Server update addresses known security vulnerabilitiesSeptember 19, 2018 Manifest View
62722 SQL Server tables with the NVARCHAR(MAX) data type are loaded slowly when you use a caslib September 10, 2018 Manifest View
62897 Authorization rules are not enforced when a browser client is simulated in SAS® Viya® 3.3September 05, 2018 Manifest View
62792 Job definitions cannot be exported from SAS® Viya® 3.3 and imported into SAS® Viya® 3.4September 05, 2018 Manifest View
62490 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports that include multi-value prompts display unexpected results in SAS® Report ViewerSeptember 05, 2018 Manifest View
62489 Reports that include prompt containers render more slowly than expected in SAS® Report Viewer   
62424 The web browser might stop responding when SAS® Visual Analytics reports include small Key Value objects   
61820 SAS® Report Viewer might not filter data when a mapped data item is in the hidden role   
62633 The User Activity report either displays an error or does not show output on the SAS® Environment Manager dashboardAugust 01, 2018 Manifest View
62339 A "Component Template is not found for uri ..." error is displayed when moving a Model Studio projectJuly 25, 2018 Manifest View
61928 You might receive "ERROR: Table variable ? offset exceeds the varying data buffer" when using the Data Explorer in SAS® Viya® 3.3July 25, 2018 Manifest View
62684 The SAS® Viya® 3.3 compute server fails to launch and returns "ERROR...Failed to launch process..." in the log fileJuly 25, 2018 Manifest View
62464 The Member Of list on the Users page of SAS® Environment Manager does not show all group members under certain conditionsJuly 25, 2018 Manifest View
62504 A backup for SAS® Viya® 3.3 fails when a distributed SAS® Cloud Analytic Services server uses a secondary controllerJuly 18, 2018 Manifest View
62466 SAS® Studio might spawn extraneous workspace server processesJuly 01, 2018 Manifest View
62402 You receive "ERROR: Invalid object specified to bridge protocol engine" in SAS® Studio   
62401 The SAS® Studio Server Files and Folders tree and the Libraries tree might lose focus with certain actions   
62389 SAS® Studio stops responding on the "Initializing" display when you use Google Chrome version 67 and later   
62184 A SAS/CONNECT® server security vulnerability exists in SAS® Viya® 3.3June 27, 2018 Manifest View
62474 The SAS® FedSQL SUM function returns incorrect results when the sum of integers is out of the supported range for the data typeJune 18, 2018 Manifest View
62368 SAS® Visual Analytics queries that include parallel period calculations might execute slowlyJune 05, 2018 Manifest View
62330 In a non-English environment, saving SAS® Visual Analytics reports might fail with an error   
62257 SAS® Visual Analytics reports that use display rules might not be repaired correctly if data changes   
62256 SAS® Visual Analytics reports that include report-level prompts might take longer than expected to render report objects on the active page   
62005 SAS® Visual Analytics might display "An element cannot be aggregated" when you create an aggregated measure   
62115 A programming run-time server security vulnerability exists in SAS® Viya® 3.3May 16, 2018 Manifest View
62236 ALERT - A security vulnerability currently exists in SAS® Cloud Analytic ServicesMay 11, 2018 Manifest View
62112 A Threaded Kernel IOM security vulnerability exists in SAS® Viya® 3.3April 25, 2018 Manifest View
62105 The SAS® Viya® compute server fails to launch for users in the CASHostAccountRequired group in environments using Kerberos authenticationApril 24, 2018 Manifest View
62068 PostgreSQL security concerns exist in SAS® Data Server 9.4.13, which is delivered with SAS® Viya® 3.3April 11, 2018 Manifest View
61859 SAS® Visual Analytics geo maps might display incorrect locations for the United KingdomApril 11, 2018 Manifest View
61752 SAS® Report Viewer might not correctly restore a maximized graph in a SAS® Visual Analytics report   
61722 SAS® Visual Analytics might not contain the full body of a tweet imported from Twitter   
62003 ALERT - A security vulnerability currently exists in SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine LearningApril 03, 2018 Manifest View
61957 The error "File was not found" occurs when you use a FILENAME statement to access a SAS® Viya® fileMarch 22, 2018 Manifest View
61956 The error "No authorization was found for specified username..." occurs when you use the FILESRVC Access Method with a FILENAME statement   
61975 SAS® Theme Designer has display issues when a new theme is appliedMarch 22, 2018 Manifest View
61852 SAS® Event Stream Manager contains a cross-site scripting vulnerability and a consumption of CPU resources vulnerabilityMarch 22, 2018 Manifest View
61750 SAS® Environment Manager for SAS® Viya® returns "An error occurred loading the members list..."March 13, 2018 Manifest View
61708 New log messages stop appearing in the SAS® Environment Manager log viewer for SAS® Viya®March 13, 2018 Manifest View
61811 Character variable length increases when you upload a UTF-8 data set to CAS with PROC CASUTILFebruary 27, 2018 Manifest View
61709 "Project creation failed with: creatingProviderError" and "Project open failed ..." messages are displayed when creating or opening projectsFebruary 27, 2018 Manifest View
61812 In the CASUTIL procedure, when you run parallel LOAD statements from Hadoop, the load fails with various error messagesFebruary 06, 2018 Manifest View
61678 In SAS® Visual Analytics, periodic functions might not work with MIN and MAX aggregation parametersJanuary 22, 2018 Manifest View

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