Installation Instructions for Hot Fix W97002

Linux for x64

Hot fix W97002 addresses the issue(s) in SAS Federation Server 4.1_M1 on Linux for x64 as documented in the Issue(s) Addressed section of the hot fix download page:

The hot fix downloaded,, contains the updated files required to address the documented issues.


  1. You must have SAS Federation Server 4.1_M1 installed on your system before applying this hot fix. Refer to SN-35968 for instructions on how to determine which product releases you have installed.

  2. You need to install this hot fix only if you downloaded SAS Federation Server 4.1_M1 after December 14, 2015 and you see the following error while deploying SAS Federation Server:
    C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFederationServer\4.1\data\install\Config\dffedsvrc\dffedsvrc_config.xml:560: The token attribute must not be an empty string.

  3. It is good general practice to back up your system before applying updates to software.

  4. You must have Administrator Privileges on your CLIENT or SERVER machine.

  5. All currently active SAS sessions, daemons, spawners and servers must be terminated before applying this hot fix.

  6. This hot fix should be installed using the same userid who performed the initial software installation.


  1. Extract the contents of

  2. In the .../SASDeploymentManager/9.4/product_data/deploywiz__94370__prt__xx__sp0__1/install folder, replace the following files with the version contained in

  3. In the .../SASDeploymentManager/9.4/product_data/deploywiz__94370__prt__xx__sp0__1/install/en folder, replace the follosing files with the version contained in



This completes the installation of hot fix W97002 on Linux for x64.

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