Installation Instructions for Hot Fix T42001

Linux for x64

Hot fix T42001 addresses the issue(s) in SAS Environment Manager Plug-ins for Foundation Servers 9.4_M2 on Linux for x64 as documented in the Issue(s) Addressed section of the hot fix download page:

The hot fix downloaded,, contains the updated files required to address the documented issues.
Do NOT extract the contents of The hot fix installation process will extract the contents as needed.


  1. You must have SAS Environment Manager Plug-ins for Foundation Servers 9.4_M2 installed on your system before applying this hot fix. Refer to SN-35968 for instructions on how to determine which product releases you have installed.

  2. Files delivered in this hot fix will be backed up during the installation process. However, it is good general practice to back up your system before applying updates to software.

  3. You must have Administrator Privileges on your CLIENT or SERVER machine.

  4. All currently active SAS sessions, daemons, spawners and servers must be terminated before applying this hot fix.

  5. This hot fix should be installed using the same userid who performed the initial software installation.


The T42001 hot fix for SAS Environment Manager Plug-ins for Foundation Servers 9.4_M2 will be installed using the SAS Deployment Manager. By default, the SAS Deployment Manager will search in the <SASHOME>/InstallMisc/HotFixes/New directory for hot fixes to be applied, but will also prompt for a location if you have downloaded hot fixes to a different directory.

After downloading, follow the instructions for applying hot fixes in the SAS Deployment Wizard and SAS Deployment Manager 9.4: User's Guide.

The content of this hot fix is listed in the hot fix manifest.


In an already configured system, the updated sas-servers-plugin.jar file will need to be installed on the SAS Environment Manager Agent(s). Once The SAS Environment Manager Server and SAS Environment Manager Agent(s) have been restarted:
  1. Log in to SAS Environment Manager using an account that is a member of the Environment Manager Super User group.

  2. Select Manage. Under Server Settings, select Plug-in Manager.

  3. Select Add/Update Plug-in(s).

  4. In the Upload dialog, choose Select Files and navigate to and select <SASHome>/SASEnvironmentManagerPluginsforFoundationServers/9.4/sas-servers-plugin.jar.

  5. Select Upload to apply the new plugin.

  6. The Plug-in Manager will install the updated sas-servers plug-in and synchronize it across all of the Environment Manager Agents in this configuration. The Agent Sync Status column for the sas-servers plugin will indicate the synchronization status. Once the updated plugin has been installed on all of the Agents, the Agent Sync Status will display a green checkmark.

This completes the installation of hot fix T42001 on Linux for x64.

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