Hot Fix Post Installation steps to Rebuild and Redeploy Web Applications

This hot fix requires post-installation steps that will update the web application deployed to your application server. Follow the steps below to rebuild and redeploy your web application.

  1. Rebuild Web Applications

    NOTE: In order for this step to execute correctly, the Metadata Server must be running.

    1. If you are installing this hot fix on a UNIX system, set the DISPLAY environment variable.
      For example:
      $ export DISPLAY=<displayname>:0

    2. Invoke the SAS Deployment Manager 9.4

      From the SASDeploymentManager directory execute
      For example:

      $ cd <SASHOME>/SASDeploymentManager/9.4
      $ ./

      From the SASDeploymentManager directory launch sasdm.exe. The default installation path for the SAS Deployment Manager is C:\Program Files\SAS\SASDeploymentManager\9.4.

    3. Select a language in the Choose Language box

    4. Select Rebuild Web Applications

    5. Select Configuration Directory or Enter the Configuration Directory and Level that needs to be updated

    6. Specify Connection Information, including the sasadm User ID and Password

    7. Select the appropriate product as the Web Application to Rebuild

    8. Verify the information on the Summary screen and select Start

    9. Select Finish when the deployment is complete

    This process will update the appropriate wars in <CONFIGDIR>/Lev1/Web/Staging.

    A backup of the original war files will be placed in the <CONFIGDIR>/Lev1/Web/Staging/Backup directory.

  2. Redeploy Web Applications

    Redeploy the updated wars to the web application server. See Redeploy the SAS Web Applications for more details.